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Art deco rings are one of the most popular antique engagement ring styles, and for a good reason. Their bold, geometric designs and high-quality of workmanship make them a great choice for a vintage diamond ring. We’re going to explore the Art Deco Period and all the nuances that make its rings the most popular of the vintage design periods, then find out why so many jewelers still emulate it to this day.

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The jewelry of the Art Deco period incorporates geometric patterns with a bold use of diamonds and bright gemstones that’s dramatic and brassy. The age is a marriage of the simplicity of industrial mass-production and the individual creativity of the jewelry artist the world hasn’t seen since.

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With this celebration of freedom, workers shortened the work day to eight hours which afforded them leisure time. Going to the cinema became a nightly routine and the stars of the silver screen found an ever-widening fan base. Their glamourous lifestyle and wardrobe and jewelry choices were envied and emulated by their fans around the world.

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Art deco rings to mark an engagement were never diamond solitaires. Instead, a central stone – either a diamond or other colored gem – was surrounded by contrasting stones set in geometric angles and severe designs.

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Brides looking for something a little different should consider an antique engagement ring. Not only will it have an inherent uniqueness and charm, but antique engagement rings also are typically less expensive, often have better craftsmanship, and are an instant heirloom.

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The colors of Art Deco are bold, vivid, and contrasting. Jewelers often used brightly colored gemstones to off-set the brilliance of diamonds. This also occurred in the reverse – they used white diamonds to frame bold gemstones sometimes using obscure gems like lapis and coral and even onyx. The favorite gemstones of the day were the big three – sapphires, rubies, and emeralds.

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In July 2016, Middleton’s longtime boyfriend, former professional race-car driver James Matthews, proposed to her with an Art Deco Asscher-cut diamond that’s estimated to be at least three carats in size.

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Simple Vs. Showy — While all Art Deco engagement rings feature geometric designs, they still come in a wide range of styles. Look through your loved one’s jewelry to determine whether she will prefer a simpler ring with only a hint of Art Deco design, or if she will want a dramatic statement piece.

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To complement the engagement ring, Art Deco wedding bands are equally as lavish and ornate as the engagement rings. They tend to be wider than many modern wedding bands, with beautiful hand crafted designs round them and encircled with diamonds.

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Antique art deco pieces can be quite expensive and are increasingly hard to find. While the stones, cut, and craftsmanship may not be as fine as for modern rings, the age and uniqueness of the piece heavily influences the price tag. Modern reproductions, however, can also be quite expensive because they may use higher quality stones and personalized design. In general, off-the-rack reproductions are far less expensive than either customized rings or antique pieces.

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If you’re interested in buying an art deco engagement ring online, there are a couple of places we can readily recommend. James Allen is our online retail partner – they offer a small but beautiful selection of art deco rings, ranging from discreet and simple to unique and geometric. They’re all diamonds too; a nice balance between traditional and non-traditional. Elsewhere, Brilliant Earth have a stunning array on offer, but most are made new to look vintage. Trumpet & Horn have all the genuine art deco ring styles you could ever want to look at, and Erstwhile is a fantastic all-rounder with a dazzling array of art deco designs.

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Geometric designs prevailed in Art Deco rings, so emerald cut diamonds and Asscher cut diamonds played a major role in rings from this era. The emerald cut and the Asscher cut are both step cuts; their facets or flat polished surfaces are long and angular. While the emerald is a rectangular shape, the Asscher is a square shape.

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Here’s an Art Deco engagement ring with onyx details. I just love the color contrast of the bright diamonds with the dark onyx.

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Every fashion influencer is obsessed with Erica Weiner–designed jewelry, but she always has a section for antique gems on her site, filled with stunningly intricate options in the vein of her own designs.

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Art deco style enriches any imaginary with effective details and nuances. Use these ideas to grasp an inspiration for a searching.

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Today, jewelers can create modern reproductions of art deco designs customized to meet the couple’s individual tastes. These new rings can incorporate more modern diamond shapes and fancy cuts, as well as other intimate details such as engraving and scrollwork. Furthermore, modern stone choices, such as tanzanite and aquamarine, can be included, which were either unavailable or exceedingly rare during the art deco period.

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It was also a period of astounding technological advancements. The Wright Brothers’ invention took off and the world cheered on Charles Lindbergh when he completing the world’s first trans-Atlantic airplane flight.  Henry Ford began mass producing cars, increasing the supply and lowering the price making cars accessible to everyone, not just the rich.

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Antique or “used” rings are becoming ever more popular with some couples as they look for a unique ring to cement their love for each other. One of the designs they may look at is the Art Deco engagement rings that were very popular during the nineteen twenties and thirties. Art Deco is thought to have originated in Paris and is an eclectic artistic style and design that was adopted in fashion, architecture, interior design and jewelry. Vibrant colors, abstract geometric designs and a sense of opulence are indicative of this particular art period and this is displayed to perfection in the jewelry of the period.

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Cushion-cut diamonds’ rounded corners give them a soft look, so if you simply can’t choose between circular and square, then this could be the cut for you.

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Some rings included all three methods to create really show off the skill of the craftsman who created the ring:

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Milgrain is tiny beads placed along the metal framework of a piece. This ring has milgrain around the diamonds and along the sides and the top of the ring shank:

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Brilliant Earth is another must-see if you want options. The site specializes in custom engagement rings, but its selection of vintage rings is quite strong, especially the Art Deco options.

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You should know what type of ring your partner wants. This is the first thing that you need to do. You can find it out in a way that she won’t be able to notice and make sure that she is unaware that you are planning on proposing to her anytime soon. These days, there are several engagement rings to select from, and if your future wife doesn’t mind on receiving a ring that isn’t a traditional one then you may opt for this ring.

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A contemporary 2.78 ct round brilliant diamond was cut to return as much light as possible to the viewer. Photo: Robert Weldon/GIA. Courtesy: Rogel & Co. Inc.

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Antique art deco pieces can be quite expensive and are increasingly hard to find. While the stones, cut, and craftsmanship may not be as fine as for modern rings, the age and uniqueness of the piece heavily influences the price tag. Modern reproductions, however, can also be quite expensive because they may use higher quality stones and personalized design. In general, off-the-rack reproductions are far less expensive than either customized rings or antique pieces.

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These diamonds were rated minimum “Triple Ex” based on their excellent polish, symmetry, and cut grades.

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The Art Deco Period, 1915-1935, opened with a World War and ended with one. In between were periods of extremes – from the extravagance of the “Roaring ‘20s” to the poverty of the Great Depression.

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This setting features diamonds or gemstones aligned in a metal groove without prongs. Wedding bands often featured round diamonds or diamonds and sapphires or emeralds in a channel setting. The bands were often worn stacked together.

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All women have their own ideas about what sort of engagement ring they would dearly love to have when the man of their dreams pops the question. In keeping with the theme of romance, some ladies go for a ring from a heart jewelry collection, but as I have mentioned before, my own personal choice was a diamond surrounded by dark blue sapphires while my best friend’s ring of choice was a ruby surrounded by diamonds. Engagement rings that incorporated other stones with diamonds were very fashionable during this era. Nowadays, solitaires and bridal sets seem to be the most popular choices available in engagement ring designs.

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Our designers will learn about your ideas, then work with you to develop a bespoke women’s jewellery piece that perfectly reflects your individual style and our commitment to excellence.

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Based in San Diego, Vanessa Nicole creates stunning, custom-made engagement rings for clients all over the world. Browse Vanessa’s online gallery to see pictures of her many beautiful designs, or contact us today to see how easy it is to get your dream ring.

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Brides-to-be are becoming more vocal when it comes to telling their boyfriends what style of engagement ring they favour – they figure if they’re going to be wearing it their entire lives, they want to love it.

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Art Deco, as an art movement began in the 20’s in France when a famous art exhibition was held in Paris, celebrating artwork which drew inspiration from the modern technological advancements at the time such as the boom in the railway system, large skyscrapers and the vast increase in infrastructure. This led designers to make use of repetitive patters, sleek angles and unique geometric shapes. For some examples of the use of art deco styling in buildings, be sure to check out images of the Chrysler Building in New York as well as the Los Angeles Library.

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An emerald cut diamond, with its simple, clean and symmetrical outline evokes the understated elegance we often associate with the era. It was a popular choice in its day and is making a comeback – thanks in part to celebrities like George Clooney and Brad Pitt who gave their spouses emerald cut engagement rings. Clarity and color are two important quality characteristics for this style of cut. Learn what to look for in an emerald cut diamond.

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You can also prefer to have the engagement ring personalized by adding your future wife’s birthstone or the stone for the month that you will be wedded or perhaps, the stone she chooses. Look closely and find a ring with a gemstone that matches her eye color. This can be truly romantic.

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Speaking of the geometric…how do you like this one? A slightly rounded take a classic setting, this glamorous ring enshrines a 1.63 carat diamond atop a step pyramid of single cut diamonds and millegrain details. It’s also lovely from the side.

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Cartier made this chic Art Deco ring around 1930. The ring has a 2.42 ct square brilliant cut diamond set at an angle; four triangular blue sapphires; and diamond baguettes on the borders. Photo: Robert Weldon/GIA. Courtesy: Frank Goodman & Son, Los Angeles, Calif.

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