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On a trip to the beach last year, I picked up several pieces of glass. They were a light green color, worn smooth from tumbling in the waves. I thought they might look nice in a plant pot or a pretty dish. I had no idea they were worth money.

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In addition to drilling beach glass, the following instructions may also be useful for drilling through ceramic tile and various rocks and minerals depending on the size and density of the material.

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For thicker pieces use a good amount of pressure to drill about 3/4 of the way through the glass, then turn the glass over and drill from the other side.

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Once your wire is bent, it is hard to get it completely straight again, so you may want to start with a fresh piece of wire if you need to start over. This is why starting with craft wire and not sterling silver is a good idea.

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In Cleveland, there are several places that the tide still washes beach glass and other found objects up on shore consistently. If you know where to look, you can find some treasures.

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I recommend using a Dremel brand diamond drill bit that can be purchased at the local hardware store (Dremel Diamond Point 7134). They run about $9 each but are very durable. The size of hole you desire will determine the size of bit you purchase.

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Sometimes I fit “treasure hunts” into a family day at the beach, or just pop down for a couple of hours by myself if I have spare time. I could find some gorgeous patterned glass, or come home with a bundle of less valuable whites, greens and browns.

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For drilling use a variable speed Dremel tool (plug-in kind, not battery powered) set to the lowest speed. The battery powered kind does not have enough power or speed to do the job.

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Beachcombing is a fun and free activity that you can enjoy solo, as a couple, or with your family.

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See photos and read interviews with our favorite sea glass jewelry artists.

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Shop at our Ventura, California store a few blocks from the beach & right off Highway 101. Here you will find an immense selection of genuine sea glass jewelry beyond your wildest dreams!

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Bruce Metcalf has dedicated almost forty years of his life to the creation and historiography of American Studio Craft. He makes his exquisite jewelry with the utmost care and…

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Therefore, beach glass jewelry has such a high demand because of their unique and colorful beauty that attracts most of the people to opt for this kind of jewelry pieces.

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Learn how and where you can find beach glass in this area as well as personally creating your own beach glass jewelry. You will have the choice of making 2 pendants, or 1 pendant and 1 pair of earrings.

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Martha Stewart travels to Great Cranberry Island to join Lisa Hall in collecting sea glass and turning them into pieces of jewelry.

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My partner mentioned he’d heard of sea glass jewelry, and at the next craft fair I visited, I found a stall selling some. It was beautiful, and prices ranged from £20 ($26) for earrings to £75 ($99) for a pendant. I also found several online outlets selling pieces for over $200.

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Hunting for beach glass is a perfect date activity. Looking for another great couples’ getaway? Check out all the fun things we found in Branson, MO.

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In addition to seashells or in lieu of, some people have taken to seeking sea glass which may take a bit more patience and a trained eye.

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Separate the six strands with the knot at the top of your workspace. Pair the strands into three sets of two. Tie a knot in each of the strand pairs about 1/2-inch (up to 3/4-inch for larger sea glass) from the knot at the top.

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Our hilltop patio is the perfect location for a creative workshop with artist Joan Martin Fee. Participants will receive guided, step by step instruction to create original Sea Glass Jewelry (necklace and pair of earrings). All materials and a glass of wine are included.

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See photos and read interviews with our favorite sea glass jewelry artists.

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Beach drinks are mostly created in the large lakes and Oceans.  This treasure has a more frosted smooth appearance from afar. If you see it up close then, you will find that it contains some tiny deep potholes. These are some primary key characteristic of the entire beach found glass. You will also find some slight “C”s that are etched into the glass as well as some micro-fissures that tend to appear as the glass is toss against the sand rocks repeatedly. Another very vesicle indicator of the found beach glass jewelry is its price. Dealers will charge you a lot more for the found glass than for the reproduction glass.

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Ergonomics is the safe and effective relationship between a worker and the work environment. For the bench jeweler who spends hours working with a bench pin, it is important t…

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Since beach glass is often used to make jewelry, many jewelers will purchase sea glass, but not before first viewing it under a black light. If the glass contains uranium it will glow. A jeweler’s loupe will show patterns in the glass indicating that it was created by a tumbler and not naturally.

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Reproductive sea glasses are typically created in a rock tumbler, and these pieces of glass appear to be silky and smooth. From afar, they can easily resemble beach glass too. However, all these pieces will be devoid of the deepest potholes, fissures and the other “C” markings. These found beautiful glass and reproduction glass allows representing an artist with more flexibility in design. The most common colors of beach glass are white, brown and Kelly green. Due to rarity among all the other colors, an artist of color palette limit when using the found beach glass. Unlike the other entire beach found glass, reproduction sea glass may also give an artist the freedom to opt and choose the colors that are wanted in their designs.

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*For smaller sea glass pieces, use thinner cording. You can use slightly thicker cording on large pieces. Any comparable cording will work. However, note that I found embroidery thread too light to knot as accurately as cording.

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Beach glass is formed by freshwater. Typically found in the Great Lakes, the surface of beach glass is smoother than sea glass which is frostier in appearance and more pitted due to the wave, rock, and sand erosion of the ocean.

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For drilling use a variable speed Dremel tool (plug-in kind, not battery powered) set to the lowest speed. The battery powered kind does not have enough power or speed to do the job.

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Beach glass (sometimes called sea glass) is formed when pieces of glass — often broken beer bottles or similar — find their way into a lake or ocean and are polished smooth by the natural motion of the water. Many people collect it and on well-traveled beaches, it can be very difficult to find. But you don’t need to head to California or Florida to find good pieces. All the glass featured in these photos was found on the beaches of Lake Michigan here in Milwaukee, WI. You can also buy beach glass in craft stores, usually in the flower arranging aisle.

Beach glass is prized in jewelry making, and many people either bezel-set it (check out this project for more information) or wire-wrap it (here’s another gorgeous example). But if you prefer to drill your glass, it can be done. Margaret Capitani of Funky Hannah’s Beads in Racine, WI, showed us how in this video.

Drilling beach glass (or seashells!) can be tricky, but the final result makes it worthwhile. Here are some additional tips on how to achieve success.

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Wrack line: the line of seaweed, refuse, driftwood, and “wreckage” found at the high tide line on a beach.

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What you purchase is up to you and your budget, but know that regardless of what you use, the bit will only last through a few pieces of glass. It’s just the nature of drilling through glass; it’s tough on your tools. Be sure that the size bit that you buy will fit into your tool, and experiment with the cheap ones before you spend your entire jewelry budget for the month on the expensive ones. Performance will vary depending on how powerful your tool is and the hardness of your stone or glass — something that can be impossible to guess when you’re working with natural materials.

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The sponge also keeps the piece of beach glass in place and adds a bit of cushioning for the drill bit once it goes through the piece, which helps prevent the bit from hitting the bottom of the Pyrex dish. How to Drill the Beach Glass

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Found this piece in Milford, Connecticut today. It’s a pretty large piece and would love to find out what it came from. The piece appears to have a large

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Since the color usually comes from small, thin glass bottles, it’s even more rare to find a large or thick piece.

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A small beach near the port outside of the fortress of Rhodes. Lots of small to medium pieces of clear, green, Amber and blue.

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Most importantly, be patient. It may take a couple of minutes to drill through a thick piece of glass. Better to take your time than to break your one-of-a-kind treasure!

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