36 Excellent Ways To Repurpose And Reuse Old Leather Belts

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I absolutely adore the look of this door mat! It’s made from a collection of old leather belts and it’s just so unique. This project really doesn’t take as much time or skill as you would think and it gives you a lovely door mat that I’m sure is different from anything you’ve ever seen before. Use different sizes and colors of belts to create something really amazing.


If you are looking for a delicate belt that will bring much softness to your outfit, a belt decorated with lace is a marvelous choice. Let Versus show you how to make this piece that will beautifully complement any color of your clothes; lace does not discriminate, it fits with absolutely every color and material!


Next, I had to find a belt to go off of to measure hole placement. This process was breezy. The process of actually hole punching five holes in a row through the fullness of the thick leather was not. My thumb still hurts. Also, I think my entire neighborhood is planning a hit from all the hammering on an otherwise peaceful afternoon, so now I have that to contend with.


Let us know what you think about these project ideas. We’d love to see your version of the projects, too! Thanks for checking them out! ‘till next time!


This article will provide you information on how to make a homemade 2×72 belt sander or belt grinder in great detail – from videos to downloadable PDF files – just for your convenience. Be sure to check it out to increase your knowledge!


DIY Slide-Out Belt Organizers 1×4 board + 1×2 poplar + drawer slides + cup cooks


Get the outfit in just one single click, it’s comfortable as well all the details are in its place. Suit up and be the classic lady.


Yes, sewing shears should only be used for fabric (therefore not plastic hangtags, pattern paper, vinyl, or leather) since other materials will dull your sharp, expensive shears faster than you can say “$50 down the drain!” I figure, why pay for continuous sharpening when shears can just stay sharp for a long time by keeping them dedicated to fabrics? Manufacturers have separate shears for pattern paper (incredibly expensive btw!), separate shears and cutters for fabrics, and again, separate shears and cutters for leather, as well as just general-purpose scissors. It’s a lot to buy, but since I spend most of my time working with fabrics, I invested my money in a nice pair of Gingher fabric scissors, and just use my toughie kitchen shears for cutting leather (which I don’t really work with that often). Leather shears I’ve found are less expensive than fabric, so I may put them on my birthday list!!;-)


To see more gorgeous accessory tutorials like this one, check out Myra Callan’s book, Adornments – or see some of our favourite DIY wedding tutorial videos here!


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Reclaimed wood like that of whiskey barrels can cost less than the typical oak flooring. This particular flooring’s manufacturer, McKay, in the United Kingdom, carefully preserves the barrels’ branded markings from sherry, whiskey, and bourbon that make this lumber so distinctive.


You really can go belt crazy! There are many 1¨ fashion buckles you can use with your customized belting straps.


This belt is a quick deploy paracord belt using Slatt’s rescue weave. You can unravel, or deploy, the paracord in a matter of seconds.


What do you plan to carry in it? If it’s your passport, some bills and a few cards, you’ll be fine with a money belt. If you want to carry more, consider a travel bag.


Isn’t it fun to find people on the internet with the same interests as you? If you’re looking through this article trying to figure out how to make a belt grinder, well, let me introduce you to your new friend! The thread will help you a lot and the instructions are pretty straightforward and obvious so it wouldn’t cause any confusion… hopefully!


I will be posting this one soon, so if that is what you are looking for, please check back or follow us on Facebook to get updates.


Luckily, the crafty folks over at Blue Cricket Design have you covered with this unique earring hanger made from a rain gutter guard. The best part is that it will fit easily on the wall in your closet.


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15. Pineapple Surprise. Looking for a perfect hostess gift? Brighten up any holiday party with pineapple packaging. Who doesn’t love champagne and chocolate?


Safety belts can work as ribbons, nylon webbing and waistband fabrics for curtains backing. People make pillows, hammocks, bags, ties, shoes and small decorations for their homes. Recycling of seat belts brings surprising and elegant solutions and innovative ideas for decorating home interiors and gardens. Lushome emphasizes an importance of creative recycling that protects the planet and add original items to home decorating.


Measure your waist or hips, depending on where you want to wear your belt, and cut your fabric to that length. You are going to want the belt to be snug, so it doesn’t bounce around when you run.


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Yeah. Let me just tell you that I have a WHOLE NEW RESPECT for leatherworkers.

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Add some boyish charm to your son’s room with these easy skateboard shelves. All you need is a couple of heavy-duty “L” brackets!


Need a little inspiration? These DIY shelves are nothing short of genius. Best of all, many of them can be made from things you already have lying around the house! Turn a 5-gallon bucket into a contemporary storage cubby. Have some scrap wood and an old leather belt? Boom! You’ve got a chic, hanging shelf. The possibilities are endless!


The Harley Quinn Corset looks fantastic inspired by the game itself best to catch the appearance. Let’s move on to the shoes.


Fall fashion is in full swing, and we’ve covered everything from scarves to boots to braids. Of course, we couldn’t pass over the essential item that holds everything together — the belt. Whether it’s used as a bold statement piece or a last finishing touch, belts are versatile and can be created at a small cost. Check out these 17 DIY belts to make this weekend.


‘Tis the season. Gift the creative in your life something special – check out our curated holiday gifts.


You can make more than furniture with recycled wood pallets—in fact, taken apart, the used boards can be reassembled as one of the most popular cheap flooring ideas. Rough hewn, these boards add great character to the mudroom or porch. Once installed, a floor sander could give them a more even finish for indoor use.


Wearing a wide belt is a bold fashion statement that mirrors those seen at the most popular fashion shows. When a belt gains the freedom to define the whole outfit you know it was done right! Learn from the experts at Morning by Morning Productions!


Pinning to my Pinterest – I wish you had an icon for that to make it easier…. But good tie tips. 🙂 thanks!


Store your drills and keep those batteries charged with this convenient and compact docking station.  Place a power strip on the top, to provide plenty of outlets for your chargers.  Add an optional drawer to store all of your drill bits and accessories. Idea by Hertoolbelt (Free plans)


This system also makes it easier to take down the bikes when they’re hanging over a parked car, a boat or a big mess like in my garage. That’s because you can pull or push the bikes clear of the obstruction before you lower it. I’ve been using mine for almost a year now, and I love it. You can buy a Saris Cycle Glide for $245 at bike stores or online.


17.  Fun and Festive Surprise Balls! Add layers of fun to your holiday unwrapping with surprise ball packaging. You can hide little gifts throughout, so the recipient finds fresh treasures in each layer.


Lay the eyelet and the fabric onto the die tool base. Then place the washer on top.

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