33 Perfect Flawless And Bold: DIY Belts That Define Your Outfit

Are you a DIY’er? Are you comfortable fabricating simple machinery? If so, you NEED a decent belt grinder, preferably in the 2¨x72¨ belt size. You’ll find a thousand and one uses for it once you put one together, and it’s very easy to put one together. This page is all about the resources and ideas you’ll need to plan your own belt grinder project.


In extreme survival situations, 50 feet of rope would be a lot more useful for you than 8-12 feet. This paracord belt can give you at least 50 feet of paracord rope and up to 100 ft. of 550 cord depending on your waist size.


DIY Tie Rack wood + wood stain + wood glue + nails/hammer + saw + sander/sandpaper + spray sealer + hangers


After all the beads are sewn on, turn the belt over and centre the ribbon over the tulle. Hand- sew the ribbon onto the tulle and you have a beautiful finishing touch for your gown.


Sometimes all it takes is a little inspiration. Did you know that the Dritz® range of sewing supplies is full of great items for belt making? Fashionable buckles come in many styles and finishes, and our sturdy belting is colorful and functional. And talk about clever – we can’t wait to explain how our brand new slide buckle set and belt tips work together to give you a multitude of looks. You ready to go belt crazy?


This is what you are going to use to create more loops, so you need to have access to pull more paracord for your use.


I started by spray painting the belt and cell phone holders yellow. While those dried, I made a Batman symbol using my Cricut machine – it was very tiny, but it was the perfect size for the belt. Although the Batman utility belt doesn’t typically have the symbol on it, Jack wanted it on his.


Add some texture with a fabric or ribbon sash. These belts often feature stunning flowers or unique details that can include stones or multi-colored raw gems. Choosing a fabric in the same shade as your dress with statement flowers adds a 3D effect.


This paracord belt is cool and strong enough to be used as a strap. This pattern uses over 120 feet of 550 lb paracord, so you’ll never be without cordage in your survival situation. Making a belt with a metallic buckle is very convenient and makes the use easier.


Who says hardwood floors have to be boring? Created by Chicago flooring company Birger Juell Ltd., this bathroom floor comprises horizontal cuts of oak, birch, and maple, as well as tiny twigs and branches—all gathered from the client’s property.


You know how sometimes when you are in search of the perfect crafting supply it doesn’t seem to be anywhere? We were able to find the perfect flags for this project while shopping Oriental Trading!

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Need some cool DIY ideas for your desk? Whether you use your desk for home, office or school work, you should make a creative statement with your desktop decor. What’s your peg when it comes to your personal desk? Well, it’s pretty obvious that desks have computers and school supplies on them. But are you one that likes to have a flower vase on? Or pretty, cute and unique organizers? Whatever desk that is, if you put these fun ideas there, you’ll surely find that your desk is a much more pleasing place to work on than anywhere else. Today, we are sharing with you all our top picks for a fun, cheap, creative and beautiful DIY’s you can make for your study desk, or even work desk!


We all have many old and unused items lying around in our homes or garages waiting to be thrown away. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there’s a great feeling of liberation that comes after shedding old stuff.


Tons of other super simple costume ideas at my other post here – enjoy!


The first step is to cut out your fabric pieces, which consists of three rectangles. See it below.


If you are in need of a really stylish and unique belt, one that will make you look dashingly galant, you are in luck! This satin rope belt by Fash & Rolla has caught our attention with its mystic black color, daring rope style and satin elegance.


Upcycle an old seat belt and make a clever keychain to show your love for all things auto related. Learn how with this step by step tutorial.


This budget DIY belt sander is good for sanding particular parts and inside corners, but you may change the belt as you wish.


Bummer! You’re not a winner this time! But come back and try again! You can vote multiple times per day. Check here for more details.


If you are in need of a really stylish and unique belt, one that will make you look dashingly galant, you are in luck! This satin rope belt by Fash & Rolla has caught our attention with its mystic black color, daring rope style and satin elegance.


This faux leather is really thin and did not require a different needle in my machine. I was pleasantly surprised! After sewing the hem around the edges, trim off the excess.


Now, I think to fully appreciate it’s awesomeness, you must first look at how they have been hanging…


If you’re still not convinced about money belts for women, no fears. There are plenty of alternatives to a money belt of the traditional kind. Here are just a few.

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Some belts purely have a decorative function and it’s them that you need to pay special attention to. Kristi Murphy presents you with a petal belt that is very elegant and reflects the nature in its design. It’s quick to be the focal point of the outfit, so feel free to pair it with bright clothes that can serve as a backdrop.


Make sure all if your (FL) are twisted in the right direction before you thread your though-loop (TL).


Cut and glue the gold craft paper onto the cut foam board pieces. We used E6000  to attach the gold craft paper but I’m sure Elmer’s would have worked just fine.


I have a love/hate relationship with running. On one hand, it’s healthy and good for you. On the other, it’s hard.


3. Homemade Holiday Gift Wrap. Whitney of Eat Sleep Cuddle pointed out that making these adorable designs was a healthy take on holiday cookie decorating. She got the mess, the creative indulgence, and the gorgeous end result, but she didn’t end up with big batch of cookies calling her name.


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Thanks Ladies. I just adore these tutorials! Feel free to grab my ?I was featured on Tip Junkie? blog button. You earned it! {knuckle bumps}


Belts and sashes are dream projects for DIY brides. Armed with crystals, glue, fabric and some basic sewing skills you’ll be ready to get inventive. You can also make your belt by re-purposing old necklaces or a piece of jewelry from a relative and turn them into a meaningful memento that you can wear on the day. This also ensures major bragging rights when your guests are showering you with compliments.


Will you give this DIY paracord bracelet a try? Let us know how it went and you may share some photos of your creation in the comments section below!


*Tip: This part can be a little tricky as the fabric is slippery. I used binder clips to help keep the elastic in place as I sewed. Just keep working the fabric and be careful not to rotate the fabric when sewing.


It is relatively easy to access and usually large enough to hold a passport and other valuables. As long as you wear it low, it should be easy to disguise the fact that you’re wearing it. Halfway up your midriff means it will show. Let’s be clear, though: thieves know when you’re wearing a money belt. Mostly, the risk of being caught is too high for them so they move on to easier pickings (like bum bags).

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