31 Exquisite DIY Leather Feather Earrings – Make Your Own Boho Jewelry

In clothing, sew the lovely summer kimonos, the best boho open front shirts to wear this summer when going for a beach picnic may come with bell arms and laced edging, learn more by putting a glance at the given below samples! Modify your jeans with the bell bottoms and bring a bohemian clothing style to them and also upgrade your normal jackets to special bohemian uppers by sprucing them up with the yarn fringe trims! Also, sew the lovely bohemian style maxi dress and also design the lovely boho jeans shorts, will make a great wardrobe must have to wear boho style this summer!


There may look like a lot of supplies to make this DIY boho chain necklace, but it’s definitely worth it. This is a lovely double stranded chain necklace that has beads, pendants and so much more going on. You can get all of your necklace making supplies online or at any craft or hobby store – Walmart has them, too. This is a pretty simple one to make once you have all of the materials and it will definitely make a statement when you wear it.


Make also the boho style jewelry items that you can easily pair your boho dresses to get a complete bohemian fashion look this summer! Make these earrings using the fishing hook earrings, jump rings, D-rings and leather cording and wear a great bohemian style with them! A lovely boho jewelry project! prettyhandygirl


This wax cord and gold plated, brass feather bracelet from SarahOfSweden really highlights the earthy, feather motif. It even comes with a small gold filled heart with space for your groom’s initials.


Please don’t jump ship, loyal readers. No…I am not abandoning my interior design pursuits to become a fashion blogger (I enjoy wine and spaghetti way too much to maintain a frame conducive for that). But,  I am going to interrupt my typically scheduled decor content to share some gorgeous, hand-crafted jewelry with you today made by a beloved childhood friend of mine, Alexandra Layne of Spun Jewelry.


Check out here the super simple but elegant item of boho fashion jewelry that will be ready at just blink of an eye! This here the painted leather bracelet that you can easily make by painting some geometrical or striped chevron patterns on a leather strip! First, trace your patterns on the leather strip and fill paint in them! abeautifulmess


Show off this summer by wearing bohemian style and to do so you can grab the boho jewelry and clothing items! Rock your summer fashion by wearing this boho dress that is self-sewn and is super easy to sew for every sewing lover and even for a beginner!  Make it using a long sleeve knit shirt, and matching fabric! rivaladiva


Slide the D-Ring over the six strands of cording. To make it easier for the D-Ring to slide, use pliers to squeeze the D-Ring into a larger opening. Slide the D-Ring to the top where it meets the jump ring. Straighten and align the cords so they lay flat against the jump ring. Use the pliers to flatten the D-ring into its original shape.


Before we jump into the fun part, let’s look at what materials we will need to make this beautiful macrame jewelry Set. As I mentioned earlier, this is a really simple project—thus, the list of materials is short and most of the items will be easily available in your home.

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The focal bead (above) is made from glass. I got it from Italy. I love how a couple of childish0looking beads can instantly be transformed into something else, depending on the findings you use with it.


For those of you living in the Southeastern region of the US, Alexandra’s jewelry is now available at local retail chains like SouthEastern Salvage. For the rest of you fabulous babes, Spun Jewelry is available for purchase on Etsy.


If you create the bell bottoms or sleeves of your dresses or denim jeans, they will also look like the perfect bohemian fashion dresses that you can wear this summer for wearing a bohemian style! Check out here the self-made bottoms of the denim jeans that are looking lovely and this will be smart trick also to boost the feminine appeal of jeans! honestlywtf


Use some old metal washers to make this stunning bracelet. You just cover the washers with colorful embroidery thread, which gives them a beautiful look. The rest of the bracelet is made with fabric, which makes this a great project to upcycle those fabric scraps. You don’t need much fabric at all. These are so easy that your little ones can help to make them and they make wonderful gifts.


Don’t stop at one pair of shorts, you also need these easy to make lace edged shorts, perfect for a summer day at the lake or that big music festival outfit you don’t yet have figured out. A no sew idea you can make in minutes, you are going to love wearing these.


I must secretly admit I love this cute crocheted top more than any other DIY clothes I’ve seen lately. How cute would this be with cut off jean shorts and boots? Making mine for Coachella, how about you?


We love these  leather turquoise feather earrings with gold dipped ends from LoveAtFirstBlush.


Liked this tutorial? You’ll love these fun jewelry making tutorials too:


Love all things boho? If you love the hippie style and all things bohemian, check out these cool DIY boho clothes and jewelry ideas and add a few new things to your wardrobe. From funky shorts to creative shirts to wraps and other fun fashion ideas, we found 34 crafty ideas for making the most awesome things to wear.


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Actually,  it is quite ironic that Alex and I  recently reconnected at a marketing event, because one of the most common questions I receive from new followers, aside from rug and paint color inquiries,  is about my statement jewelry -despite the fact that my blog is primarily geared at home improvement and interior styling. So, if you have been in pursuit of unique jewelry with a boho-inspired aesthetic, look no further than Spun (here is an affiliate link to  the Etsy shop). This jewelry is just about as unique as it gets.


Bring also a great touch of bohemian fashion to your personality by wearing this charming crystal necklace that is super easy to make! Make the alum salt crystals using water, glue them inside a metal necklace pendant charm and then use watercolors and nail polish for creating a crystal appeal of them! Details here thecwaftyblog.blogspot

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[…] those wooden leaf and bowls that you can easily find at most flea markets.  Jennifer calls them Boho Chic Jewelry Trays. I’m sure they could be used for other items, as […]


9 Effortless To Make Diy Boho Accessories Pinkous Diy Diy Diy Boho Jewelry


Kara Benz is the artist and author behind Boho Berry, where she inspires her readers to lead a more centered, fulfilled, and inspired life. Kara also runs a successful sticker shop on Etsy – Boho Berry Paperie.


Want to quickly and easily add a little character to your home? The next time you’re at a flea market or antique mall, keep an eye out for small vintage boxes. The more intricate the advertising, the better the treasure. Then, transform the box into an old world wooden ring display holder.


For a slightly bigger statement, these layered rustic stone bracelets from ArtiqueBoutiqueShop feature purple sapphire and a variety of natural stones that are sure to stand out.


I love making my own jewelry and these boho pieces are among my favorites. You can wear these for work or for play – they’re very versatile and they all make the most wonderful gifts. If you know someone who loves boho fashion as much as you do, be sure to find them a great DIY boho jewelry gift in this list. They’ll love it as much as you do. And, be sure to take a look at these 35 vibrant DIY jewelry pieces to dress up your summer wardrobe. There is something in here for everyone, no matter what your personal style preference.


I absolutely adore this boho style crocheted lace choker. This would be such an easy DIY project, even if you don’t normally crochet much. You could change up the stitches a bit to make it more unique, or do one in a number of different colors and use different stitches for each one. It’s a great way to get in some crocheting practice. I found this particular choker on Etsy and it’s just $13 and comes with an extender chain to guarantee the perfect fit. Add this one to your list of crochet gifts you can make today.


These DIY beaded tassel necklaces are definitely boho and they are super easy to make. What’s great about these is you can customize them in any color and with any image that you want – I do love the zebra one. You can find all your needed jewelry making supplies at any craft or hobby store and these are pretty cheap to make, too. They make wonderful gifts for anyone else you know who is into the boho style.


25 Gorgeous Diy Boho Jewelry Pieces That Add Style To Any Wardrobe Diy Boho Jewelry


So there you have it! I’ll definitely be digging into these DIY’s with my daughter over the next few weeks. Being a jewelry designer, I think it’s safe to say that I’m always looking for new and unique ways to store and organize my jewelry.

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