31 Exceptional DIY Boho Jewelry Holder

Bohemian fashion has definitely come into style over the past few years. This type of fashion is so trendy and so much fun to wear. If you love the boho style, you are going to adore this list of 25 gorgeous DIY boho jewelry pieces. You can make so many of these in just an hour or less and many of them use upcycled or repurposed materials so they’re pretty cheap to DIY.


I have several times and usually pass right by them. Not my style really. Until an idea struck: give them a paint makeover!


I absolutely adore this DIY twisted yarn statement necklace, and boy does it ever make a statement! This one is a bit more complex but not at all difficult. It does take a little time to twist the yarn but the great thing is that you can choose whatever colors of yarn you need to match your favorite outfit. You can even use this project as a means of upcycling scrap yarn and aside from the yarn, you only need a few more supplies to make this one.


Liked this tutorial? You’ll love these fun jewelry making tutorials too:


Did you know that there are things lying around your house that you can easily upcycle into gorgeous jewelry? Get the ideas here.


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Repeat steps 1-4 twice, making a total of three (or, if you want, more!) tassels.


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Check out here the super simple but elegant item of boho fashion jewelry that will be ready at just blink of an eye! This here the painted leather bracelet that you can easily make by painting some geometrical or striped chevron patterns on a leather strip! First, trace your patterns on the leather strip and fill paint in them! abeautifulmess


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These DIY boho earrings will literally only take you about five minutes to complete. These are perfect for upcycling leftover fabric scraps. You just need a small bit of fabric for each one, as well as earring hooks, cones, beads and a few other jewelry making supplies. These are simply gorgeous and you can do a pair in different fabrics so that you always have something to match your current attire.


Check out the deocrative knobs used to create DIY hooks to use throughout the home! These little pieces are so versatile.

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For the bride who loves the layered look, this beaded, stretch bracelet with paraiba apatite from MoonLabJewelry is perfect to pair with other bracelets or keepsakes.


Use some old metal washers to make this stunning bracelet. You just cover the washers with colorful embroidery thread, which gives them a beautiful look. The rest of the bracelet is made with fabric, which makes this a great project to upcycle those fabric scraps. You don’t need much fabric at all. These are so easy that your little ones can help to make them and they make wonderful gifts.


Your beads will go a long way. Get the tutorial and make any one of these DIY beaded bracelets.


A strip of leather and some gorgeous turquois spikes are all you need to make this beautiful statement necklace. This one is easily customizable, too. You could make it as long or as short as you want it and add beads of different colors to make it really stand out. I found this one on Etsy and it’s just over $20, and you get to choose the bead colors that rest above the turquois spikes as well as the leather color.


Show off this summer by wearing bohemian style and to do so you can grab the boho jewelry and clothing items! Rock your summer fashion by wearing this boho dress that is self-sewn and is super easy to sew for every sewing lover and even for a beginner!  Make it using a long sleeve knit shirt, and matching fabric! rivaladiva


I adore the look of hammered jewelry – and since it seems like it’s gaining popularity these days, I decided to make some boho-chic copper handmade earrings for myself, and I so love how it turned out!


How did I never think of this?!? The Homestead Survival shows us how to turn a wire trash can into a gorgeous earring holder. Another awesome DIY that would be amazing at a craft show!


These dangling earrings are gorgeous and you can do them in any number of colors or color combinations that you want. They’re super easy to make and if you use existing copper earring bases, you can have them finished in just a few minutes. The tassels are made with embroidery floss and there are so many colors available. These would make gorgeous gifts for anyone you know who loves eclectic jewelry! You could even make them a decorative hanging jewelry organizer to go along with it.


This next jewelry organizing idea will appeal to a wide variety of decor tastes. In fact, the driftwood looks as good in a farmhouse style home as it would in a Scandinavian inspired loft. The key is to match the jewelry to the display. Don’t hang anything too colorful or bulky on this one.

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Now that you know the basics to wire wrapping, put it to good use by making a DIY anklet!


Tap into your survivalist side and make cool paracord bracelets. They’re not just trendy, they can also save your life.


Make the fabulous items of jewelry and finish them up the custom tassel accents to get them boho fashion inspired! Have a look at these lovely wire rings that come with leather tassels and are just perfect for the boho fashion! Twist and coil the flexible copper wire to make the ring base and then finish by adding tassels! creativefashionblog


To complete this project, you don’t really need much. Set aside about 30 minutes to put them together and buy your supplies through the shoppable links below.


Visibly Moved used a piece of driftwood to create the foundation of her on-the-wall jewelry holder – for necklaces! Hang your favorites, choose fun knobs and add this functional, textural piece to your bedroom.


~ Bear in mind that the type and amount of flowers wired onto the garland will effect the weight of it.


Don’t splurge on a floppy straw sun hat — I’ve found that expensive versions don’t hold their shape much better than the inexpensive ones you can find at Forever 21. This way, you can afford to buy a new one every season.


Thanks to the popularity of our previous Street Style Essentials and Classic and Timeless Essentials lists, we decided to expand the series further and cover a few more popular style aesthetics — so, we made a list for all you boho gals!


Also, gain the amazing boho style by wearing the lovely skirts that you can sew at home in the bohemian fashion style! If you need some inspirations in this case, then do have a look at this sample bohemian skirt that is sure to create a super cute and stylish personality of your this summer season! Sewing pattern her mellysews


Bohemian fashion has definitely come into style over the past few years. This type of fashion is so trendy and so much fun to wear. If you love the boho style, you are going to adore this list of 25 gorgeous DIY boho jewelry pieces. You can make so many of these in just an hour or less and many of them use upcycled or repurposed materials so they’re pretty cheap to DIY.


~  Consider how long you’d like to wear your garland ~ only for the ceremony and photos or for the whole day? Comfort is key.

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