28 Beautiful Art Deco Engagement Rings

Any lady who wears one of these unique and beautiful rings will be seen to be stylish and elegant. If you are given one by your true love, consider yourself lucky to have been given such an artistically-inspired piece of jewelry as an Art Deco engagement ring!

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As we reviewed in the cut styles, diamonds weren’t cut to the precise proportions to produce maximum brilliance like they are today. The diamonds in Art Deco rings will be less sparkly.

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When a ring has been previously owned but it was made anytime in the last 100 years from the present date, we call it “vintage”. The rules get a little fuzzy in this category, but “vintage” typically refers to engagement rings that are at least 20-30 years old, but less than 100 years old, and have been previously owned. The majority of engagement rings in our collection are authentically vintage, coming from the Art Deco, Retro, and Modern eras (1915 – the late 1960’s).

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Art deco is fable style that combines only trusted and beautiful finds. You can trust its taste, as it is tested over the years.

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It will suit you if you like to express your personality through colors. Pick a color gem that appears the most catchy to you right now!

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While art deco may seem to be a unique and exceptional choice for an engagement ring, they are not the most practical pieces of jewelry and are not suitable for brides-to-be who lead active lifestyles. Furthermore, if she is very style conscious and always matches her jewelry to her clothing, an art deco ring may not fit well with her wardrobe. If, however, she prides herself on her eclectic flair, an art deco ring may suit her personality and preferences very well. In general, unless the woman has specifically pointed out art deco jewelry and admired their design, it may be best to choose a less specialized style or wait to purchase the ring as a couple.

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This simplistic setting surrounds the gemstone with a thin wall of metal, holding it secure and providing a measure of protection for the fragile edges of the diamond. This example includes beaded ‘milgrain’ detailing around the edge of the bezel.

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All images and info in this post are thanks to Erstwhile Jewelry Co. Please see individual descriptions above for links to each of these Art Deco engagement rings. If you want more, feel free to revisit my first Art Deco engagement rings roundup or either of my vintage and antique diamond ring roundups.

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Platinum was usually the metal of choice for Art Deco style wedding bands in the 1920s, but yellow and rose gold also provide a traditional look. Other trademarks of Art Deco rings include wider than usual bands, double or triple rows of gems, and milgrain beading. Art Deco inspired wedding rings may feature engraved details such as sunbursts, fans, flowers and softly worn wheat. In addition to milgrain beading, a band styled with a bead pave encompassed by faux-channel rims is another way of nodding to the Art Deco aesthetic.

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[…] This amazing 2.03 carat is designed by J.E Caldwell, so antique , so lovely, circa 1920, found by Diamonds in the Library. […]

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This ring features the Asscher cut diamond as well as caliber cut sapphires. Calibre cut was common in this period and it signifies any cut that’s specific to a design. The sapphires on the sides of the Asscher are a strange shape and fit perfectly with the design of the ring. Hence, calibre cut!

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In keeping with the geometric patterns of the day, this setting gave a square look to the diamond it housed. The four prongs are shaped like triangles with the points forming a square frame around the diamond.

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If you like the look of authentic Art Deco rings, but aren’t keen on the issues we highlighted, you could opt for a reproduction ring. A reproduction ring is a modern ring fabricated to emulate the style of Art Deco, with modern levels of materials and craftsmanship.

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Middleton’s engagement ring is what jewelers call G-color, which is “the top diamond color grade in the near-colorless range,” according to RockHer Haute Jewelers. Put simpler, it’s the most popular engagement ring choice.

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My recommendation here is Taylor & Hart, who produce incredibly beautiful rings and deliver a wonderfully collaborative experience.

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Because of the elaborate design, caring for an art deco engagement ring can be tricky. Small accent stones may be especially fragile and prone to becoming loose, increasing the risk of loss or damage. Because most rings incorporate different types of gemstones, cleaning guidelines vary depending on which stones are most resistant to different cleaning processes and chemicals. Art deco rings should always be carefully stored away from other pieces of jewelry that could scratch or nick them. When taking an art deco ring to a jeweler for cleaning or repair, always ask if the jeweler is experienced with art deco pieces to ensure they provide the best possible care for your ring.

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Jessica Biel — Justin Timberlake gifted Jessica a show-stopping Art Deco-inspired ring. Her emerald-cut diamond is surrounded by a diamond halo, and features blackened platinum scrolling rope details on the side for a unique touch.

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By having your engagement ring custom-designed by Vanessa Nicole, you can get the gorgeous art deco (Related News) design you’ve been looking for, plus the satisfaction of knowing that the ring is made just for you – it’s truly one of a kind!

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The use of geometric shapes in Art Deco designs is one of the defining characteristics of this period. Jewelry designers used shapes like triangles, squares, rectangles and circles in their creations. These stylistic choices were meant to capture the streamlined, modern spirit of the time.

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Since the art deco engagement rings have this specific design, a lot of styles do not have diamonds as the center stones, although the majority of designs have diamonds as its center stone. Usually jewelers combine diamond center stones with rubies, sapphires or emeralds so that there is a contrast in the color. As for the cut of the diamonds and the gemstones, usually, the cuts come in princess cuts, as this is an easy cut to combine with other kinds of gemstones.

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Milgrain is tiny beads placed along the metal framework of a piece. This ring has milgrain around the diamonds and along the sides and the top of the ring shank:

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Baguette cut diamonds were super popular during the Art Deco era. These gems are step-cut like emerald cut diamonds, but with square corners. Baguettes make for great center diamonds and can also shine as engagement ring side stones (P.S. Want to learn more? We’ve got this one in the baguette.)

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Pearls are so beautiful yet understated. If only they were a little more hard-wearing so we could wear them every day…

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Probably the easiest way to recognize a Deco engagement ring is by its angular or geometric shape.  Triangles, rectangles, squares and oblongs were the all the rage during the Deco days.  The classic Princess, Emerald and Baguette cuts are your best bet if you want an Art Deco style engagement shape.

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Art deco specifically refers to styles and fashions of the time period between 1910 and the late 1930s. The style is characterized by a dramatic shift away from the soft pastels and lines loved by the generation before. Art deco engagement rings include bold settings, such as colored stones set with diamonds. Metals include gold, platinum, and even silver, the later reflecting the rationing and tight living of the times.

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White gold rings will be stamped with ‘18k’ or ‘14k’ signifying what parts of 24k are gold versus the alloy. The metal alloyed with gold is usually nickel to turn the gold to white color. The ring is then electroplated with rhodium, a member of the platinum family, to intensify the white color of the gold and strengthening it

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An auction site, 1stdibs deals with “the world’s most sophisticated collectors, designersand curators,” according to its webpage, so you know you’re getting a quality product. The assortment of thousands of vintage engagement rings listed on the site is, frankly, mind-boggling.

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Art Deco took hold of all aspects of design and the decorative arts in the 1920s, replacing the French-originated movement Art Nouveau. Conceived during the machine age, Art Deco jewellers were inspired by geometric patterns, and highly graphic, stylised designs. This is our guide to the Art Deco engagement ring.

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Unique and timeless, Scarlett Johansson’s Art Deco engagement ring is one of our absolute favourite pieces. The ring features three round brilliant, bezel-set diamonds surrounded by glittering diamond accents on a rectangular base. This stunning ring was chosen by her fiancé, French journalist Romain Dauriac, and compliments the star’s self-confessed love of vintage clothing.

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