27 Trends Charming Bohemian Jewelry Craft Ideas

They are also my current obsession now that Spring has officially sprung.


Have you ever run across these wooden leaves and bowls at garage sales or thrift shops?


To make my Boho Chic jewelry box, I purchased this unfinished wooden jewelry box at my local craft store, here’s a similar one  I found on Amazon.


From anklets and bracelets to necklaces and chokers, you are sure to find the bohemian themed jewelry pieces that you need to match any attire. Beads, leather, feathers and tassels make up the gist of this boho jewelry collection and they are all gorgeous pieces that are so simple to DIY. By the way, if you truly love the boho style then you just have to check out these 20 DIY boho décor ideas to add that fashionable look throughout your home.


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Love bees? This tiny and delicate pendant will be perfect for your or your bee-lover friend. Tutorial here.


Bohemia Beaded Ring A beginner’s project – DIY Boho Beaded Ring, which you can use versatile beadweaving technique. Everybody loves gifts, to create a wickedly clever and simple handmade ring with 3 colors of seed beads blue, yellow and white for your best girlfriends.


4.Use the scissors to cut open the loop opposite of the jump ring. Shape the tassel by uniformly trimming its edges.


Kara Benz is the artist and author behind Boho Berry, where she inspires her readers to lead a more centered, fulfilled, and inspired life. Kara also runs a successful sticker shop on Etsy – Boho Berry Paperie.


Jewelry is best displayed in a way that will complement your existing home decor. For instance, don’t incorporate feminine frames for earrings if the rest of your decor is very modern.


I absolutely LOVE this idea! Thank you so much for sharing- I’m sure others will find this useful too!


Bohemian cakes have a natural and organic look. Fresh flowers, herbs, and fruits were used to decorate these gorgeous boho wedding cakes.


Bring a glam touch of bohemian fashion to your summer personality by wearing these rainbow hoop earrings that are also a piece of cake to make! Grab the normal hoop earrings and then wrap the rainbow colored yarn around them and create a lovely rainbow appeal of them! Another great boho jewelry idea! Details here blissmakes

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28 Photo by Rosie Parsons Photography via Green Wedding Shoes // 29 Photo by EE Photography via Bridal Musings // 30 via Snippet and Ink


When it comes to bohemian jewelry, the more unique, the better. Look for original finds at the flea market, incense stores, Etsy, or even make some of your own! The key is to find pieces made from natural elements like wood, coral, turquoise, feathers, or suede.


Necklaces, bracelets, rings… I just have to have them all. I’d have to admit, as a woman, I love my jewelry. I can remember a time when I would just go on a shopping spree and buy lots and lots of jewelry. But that’s a thing of the past now. Ever since I had my own family, I know that our budget won’t allow me to go crazy like before. So my solution, DIY jewelry! I figured, why do I have to buy when I can make my own personalized jewelry at the fraction of the cost. So if you’re looking for inspirations and ideas, I’ve rounded up all the DIY jewelry projects I’ve made in the past. You’re welcome!


Bend cording in half over the jump ring and pull snug around the jump ring. You now have six strands of cording after bending in half.


This framed organizer is absolutely gorgeous! Great idea from Marty’s Musings… using chicken wire to hang your earrings is genius 🙂


This jewelry board tutorial has a lot of different jewelry display ideas consolidated into a really neat area. First, you have a frame that has been converted into an earring display by removing the back and adding chicken wire. Next, there’s a shelf filled with various vases and knick-knacks that serve as bracelet holders. Finally, the bottom row is a curtain rod used to display necklaces.


Want to learn a new skill? Find out how you can start wire wrapping for stunning DIY wire jewelries.


These driftwood jewelry displays can be bought online or found at a craft fair for around $25, but they can just as easily be made. Next time you’re on a beach, seek out some of your own driftwood. Since it’s very dry by nature, you should be able to screw hooks into the wood without any additional tools. Attach some twine, hang in groupings and you’re all set.

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Products (clockwise from top left): Express, Buckle, ASOS, ASOS, Forever 21


Also, gain the amazing boho style by wearing the lovely skirts that you can sew at home in the bohemian fashion style! If you need some inspirations in this case, then do have a look at this sample bohemian skirt that is sure to create a super cute and stylish personality of your this summer season! Sewing pattern her mellysews


If you love dangling earrings, you are going to adore these large brass disc earrings. They have four brass discs per earring that are layered on top of one another. These would be super simple to make. You just need your earring base and the brass discs in different sizes, which you can pick up at any craft store or anywhere that sells DIY jewelry supplies. Or, just take a look at these that I found on Etsy for under $25.


Even though you shouldn’t keep diamond and gemstone rings on display, there are areas in your home where you should take your rings off temporarily. These include next to the kitchen sink, in the bathroom, and on your nightstand.


Super cute idea from The Sweetest Digs! And cheap too! You can get everything you need at the Dollar Store… How great is that?


This DIY fringe necklace looks much more complicated to make than it actually is. You can do this any number of ways to make it unique, so you could have a fringe necklace to match all of your outfits. You make these with statement necklaces, which you can get at any thrift store or the Dollar Tree. Also, Walmart normally has them on clearance and they’re really cheap. Then, you just add your fringe and you’re all done.


Update your summer wardrobe also with this kimono dress that every fashion lover can quickly make at home! This dress will make you wear a great bohemian style, and it will also make a great gift for a boho fashion lover that may be one of your friend or a family member! Here is how to make it so-sew-easy

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