25 Coolest Top Groovy DIY Boho Style Jewelry

For a woman, having a hairstyle that looks good, yet takes really short time to make is a real lifesaver and in these complicated and stressful times you need to find some way to make your life easier. The solution is trying the fun and free boho hairstyle. The trick of the boho hairstyle is to look as individual and as natural as possible, yet  not end up looking disheveled. Boho hairstyles are characterized with long hair tied in various loose braids or let down and flowing with gentle or strong waves and curls. If this hairstyle sounds good for you, try out our top 10 boho hair tutorials.


I love these stack bracelets that are decked out with various healing crystals. You can get the plain silver bracelets and the crystals at any craft or hobby store. These are super simple to make and so lovely when you wear a few at a time. You could also check these out that I found on Etsy. You get to choose your size and your crystal and they’re just around $15 each, depending on the size.


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3.Pinch and gather the floss directly below the jump ring. Tightly tie a separate thread of floss (in the same color) twice at this spot. Trim the excess floss from the knots. Add a dot of the G-S Hypo Cement to them and allow the piece to dry.


These pearl earrings are very beach inspired and they are perfect for casual or formal wear. You make these with standard earring jump rings and some faux pearls – or you could use real pearls if you want them to be really fancy. Add some Swarovski crystals and other embellishments to make them as unique as you want. The pearls hang from really thin leather cord.

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Add up your earring collection also with these boho earrings that are totally handcrafted ones and comes with delicate details! Here you need the brass wire, assorted beads, metal chain pieces, and ear-wires to make these fantastic boho earrings that will also make an excellent gift for boho fashion lovers! Details here craftylittlegnome


Step 6. Choose your accent beads – I used some multicolored faceted seed beads, but there are a multitude of options out there! Be creative and mix and match different beads to get different looks for your handmade earrings. Thread your accent beads onto the wire like so.


Legs chains will accentuate your hips or ankles the best way possible. Such chains can be two layered or multi-layered, with coin, beads or agate pendants, and the color can be silver, copper or gold, it depends on what effect you want. Silver or white gold is the best for accentuating a tanned body, gold and copper will just add bling to your look. gypsy-inspired layered leg chainmultilayer boho leg chains with coin pendantssilver boho layered belly chain and a matching one on the legsilver leg chain with turquoise


These earrings have a dark green ceramic bead as focal piece. It  also has bone beads the color of cream, faux pearls, ceramic white beads, and metallic findings.


1  Photo by At Dusk // 2 via Ruffled // 3 Photo by Eric Kelley // 4 Photo by // 5 via Ruffled // 6 photo by Craig Eva Sanders


Traditionally it was only the bride’s flower girls who wore flower crowns and you can see why ~ they look like cute little woodland fairies!


Cut a small 2-inch piece of wire and smooth it out straight. Using round nose pliers, curve the wire about 1/8 in down from one end.


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This little boy looks utterly adorable in his rustic, floral garland while this dog was a big part of the wedding ceremony and looks the part in a floral wreath. (Ok so it’s not a flower crown as such but…it was too darn cute not to include!)

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Slide a large jump ring over the three strands and position in the center.


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I also made a couple using larger beads. I hope you liked my tutorial! Now go make something great!


Products: American Eagle Outfitters, Zara, American Eagle Outfitters, Buckle


STEP THREE: Hang up the stick and using your marker, make a mark on the bottom where you want your hooks to go.


Make the fabulous items of jewelry and finish them up the custom tassel accents to get them boho fashion inspired! Have a look at these lovely wire rings that come with leather tassels and are just perfect for the boho fashion! Twist and coil the flexible copper wire to make the ring base and then finish by adding tassels! creativefashionblog


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Here is a necklace idea for when you are ready to rock your summer look!


Display your necklace in a chic and homey way by using a simple, white shelf. With A Grateful Prayer created this one herself to solve an everyday issue – and we love it’s easy appeal.


This bohemian style bracelet is a really easy DIY and it produces the most gorgeous bracelet. You make this with chains, wood beads and other jewelry making supplies and it’s about as unique as you can get. It’s pretty simple to make though, if you have just a bit of jewelry making experience and you can pick up all of your supplies at any craft store or Walmart.


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Martha Stewart always give us creative and functional ideas, and this one is no exception. A shadowbox is the perfect way to create a spot for hanging necklaces and even have a less for excess.

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