22 Wonderful How To Turn Your Photos Into Beautiful Resin Jewelry

You can learn a lot about an individual by their choice of jewelry. Do they like big beads? Delicate chains? Ribbons? Frills and trims? Or minimalist-minded pendants? The only question left to answer is, ‘What kind of statement would you make?’We’ve reimagined the charm bracelet as a necklace with new combinations of chains, ribbons, and jump rings, all found at crafts and bead shops. Here, we mixed assorted chains with one another, as well as with sturdy ribbons and braided embroidery floss that withstand wear. Bigger is better when it comes to this standout accessory with its jolly jumble of silver-painted and sequin-wrapped beads strung on a 36-inch length of silken cord. A quick dye gives unfinished beads a beachy, weathered look. These monochromatic necklaces, strung on leather cord, can be worn solo or piled on for effect.

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beautiful jewelry diy-312507661642268411

beautiful jewelry diy-479985272784141069

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