22 Pretty Jewelry Craze: Bracelets You Can’t Take Off

If there are some books sitting on your bookshelf for years, only catching dust, here is great way to use them! Make your book jewelry box that looks great and in the same time is very useful. Find out how by clicking on the link below the picture. Great tip, next time you eat chocolates don’t throw away the box when your done. Instead, turn in amazing jewelry box, in which you can store what ever type of accessory you want.

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This wall-mounted organizer features four different wood colors to choose from, as well as nearly-hidden gold hooks for longer pieces and ample shelf space.

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Beadalon had created these AMAZING jumbo wire crimpers so that we can connect wires together without needing solder and a flame. If you want to see these in action you can check out the FB Live that we did with Beadalon to make DIY Shawl Pins.

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They make a gorgeous piece of handmade jewelry when worn as a necklace. They also make wonderful window decorations and are great gifts and birthday party favors too!

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Bigger is better when it comes to this standout accessory with its jolly jumble of silver-painted and sequin-wrapped beads strung on a 36-inch length of silken cord.

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“Don’t skimp on photography,” Anestopoulos says, even if you’re on a budget. A professional photographer is skilled at making models feel comfortable and setting up complicated lighting. Other additions to your photoshoot team include stylists, makeup artists, and assistants. While working with skilled people will yield better results, it doesn’t have to blow your budget.

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Turn a cabinet into the perfect jewelry storage station. via Shanty 2 Chic

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You can visit a nearby dollar store like Ikea and get plastic trays! After you get some trays simply write on them some custom words or quotes and using a marker and enjoy them as jewelry trays! Full tutorial here thediyplaybook

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These easy going tassel earrings are perfect for spring and summer fashion trends. They are a breeze to make find out how here on Likely by Sea.

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Just like the plan wood, you can turn a simple surface into a beautiful piece of convenient structure. As long as there are hooks, you can keep the necklaces in place without tangling and improve the décor of your room at the same time.

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There are so many things that females use to enhance their beauty and jewelry is surely and majorly one of them. Jewelry comes in a variety of designs and styles made out of different materials and supplies but women just fall in love with the peal bead jewelry with the very first glance over them. The dazzling and gorgeous pearl beads add elegance and charm to every jewelry piece you make be it earrings, necklace, and the bracelets. Also, the fact cannot be ignored that the jewelry with pearl beads is super expensive because these pearls coming out of the water are no less than the jewels out of a treasure box. Still, you can enjoy the beauty and class of pearl bead jewelry with these 20 DIY Pearl Beads Crafts and that too at the cheapest of the cost rates. You can make a lot of pretty and classy jewelry pieces out of the pearl beads and thus saving yourself a lot of time and money.

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There are so many small old things that we have been collect and continue to do, but don’t really do anything with it. You could use the old, vintage buttons, keys, beads, coins, chains, brooches, decorative pins, etc., in a variety of ways. You could use them to create a unique neck piece by combining different small objects like buttons, beads coins, decorative pins or create a bracelet by using the objects as charms. You could make pendants using the old brooches, chains and decorative pins too.

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My mouth fell to the floor as I grabbed the acorn necklace and exclaimed, “Oh my goodness! Who made this acorn charm necklace for you? What a fun surprise!”

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If you’re all about minimalist jewellery that still manages to make a statement, look to Swedish designer Sara Robertsson.

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As with any crochet project you will need to weave in your ends. Carefully weave in your ends in at least two directions to keep the tail from coming out.

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It also happens to be another edition of Chopped– but with Crafting Supplies! There’s no set theme this month, so I decided to create a DIY jewelry organizer for the closet. But I guess I should really call it a necklace organizer since that’s all I’m using it for but you can use it for most jewelry.

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Those of you who already have organized your makeup probably want to organize your jewelry too. There are many solutions for that including simply putting everything in one box. Although that might not be an option if your jewelry collection is extensive. Besides that, some people like to put jewelry in a box until they wear it next time. Others like to display it. We will show you here different options including those jewelry organizers you can DIY.

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Craft blogger m4keshiftmichelle used vibrant nail polish and some painter’s tape to add the stripe across the bobby pins after laying them out together side by side. Then, all she had to do was attach them to string — and you can use any type of string you’d like!

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Keri lives outside of Charleston, South Carolina with her husband and three kids. She is passionate about helping moms step out of survival mode and into a thriving life. She believes moms can thrive, even in the messy parts of motherhood. Keri shares helpful tips for your home life, family life, and personal life over at Keri Lynn Snyder.

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30¨ x 40¨ piece of Waverly Inspirations fabric … Walmart Waverly chalk paint … Walmart 24¨ x 36¨ cork board … Walmart wooden pushpins … Walmart spray adhesive … Walmart scissors hot glue gun + glue

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Here’s a tutorial on how to turn t-shirts into a nautical bracelet.

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ot even that difficult to do. You’ll need to cut the shirts into strips of fabric, which you then braid to get that great nautical rope look. Wear them plain or add your favorite charm.

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Replacing your guitar strings? Don’t throw the old ones away. Repurpose them by making your own DIY guitar string ring.

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