22 Creative Free Beading Patterns

Do you have a bunch of jewelry you never wear cluttering up your jewelry box? Time to get out your pliers and retrieve some beads to put to better use! Jewelry is never set in stone–here’s how to disassemble and reassemble jewelry into something very different, and much more “you”. Color is one of the most impactful elements of design. It can also seem scary and mysterious–here are some tips to help you make friends with color.

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Beaded jewelry-374221050289651052

Beaded jewelry-700661654503157663

Beaded jewelry-635218722425546631

Beaded jewelry-363665738660592364

Beaded jewelry-80713018309566412

Beaded jewelry-258675572334786295

Beaded jewelry-679691768742112884

Beaded jewelry-247768416986851797

Beaded jewelry-480477853997099407

Beaded jewelry-243687029825287579

Beaded jewelry-266486502937600238

Beaded jewelry-496521927667482730

Beaded jewelry-585186545315791917

Beaded jewelry-561824122265443160

Beaded jewelry-180355160065930089

Beaded jewelry-356136283034880850

Beaded jewelry-401664860517727131

Beaded jewelry-489062840785663400

Beaded jewelry-477029785524432275

Beaded jewelry-343681015315030676

Beaded jewelry-369365606937854330

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