22 Creative Beautiful Flower Crowns For Boho Brides DIY

When it comes to earrings, I say the bigger the better. The only problem is finding quality, statement earrings that are both comfortable and lightweight. That’s where today’s DIY Leather Feather Earrings come in. I love the casual bohemian aesthetic and textures.  Sometimes, you can never really have too much of a good thing.


6.Attach the bead section to one side of the chain with a jump ring. Use a jump ring to add the clasp to the remaining side of the chain. The clasp will hook onto the jump ring at the opposite end of the bead section.


Step Three. Secure with nut. If you used an adjustable screw like I did, snap off the excess screw portion with a pair of pliers.


Slouchy, distressed booties seem to be boho girls Mary-Kate Olsen and Vanessa Hudgens’ staples. I prefer styles that are loose around the ankles, so they’re perfect for wearing with both shorter skirts and tucking into skinny jeans. It’s up to you whether you want a heel or not, but make sure the heel isn’t too high or skinny so your boots will stay comfortable while watching concerts or walking to class.


The BB Creative used a wooden hanger as the foundation to their jewelry organization. It’s simple, it’s easy and you can even paint or decorate the hanger to match the room around it.


If you need more designated space for your baubles, consider adding a jewelry display on a narrow portion of wall, either behind or on the back of a door. For starters, screw in hooks to thin strips of wood and use these to hang necklaces. Next, drape long sections of thick curb chain for an awesome earring display.


Why not take a cue from Kate Moss and her many many flower girls who each wore unique flower crowns for an eclectic look. Just as bridesmaids dresses can be mismatched to pretty effect so can floral crowns!


Once they were done, I decided to paint feather designs, with acrylics, on two of them.


Step 5. Using your thin wire, begin wrapping on one side of the rectangle as you would with string, about three times. Use your flat-nose pliers to tighten the wire while wrapping as you will want to have tight wraps on the rectangle.

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A leather feather? How awesome it is to make one, paint one and wear one! Get ready to be envied!


This super cute bracelet jewelry organizer looks simple to make! You can find out how over at  Craft A Doodle Doo.


If you’re old enough, like me, you may remember these lovely spoon rings from days gone by. I loved mine and although it’s been gone for years now, I have always thought about getting another one. This DIY spoon ring is perfect! It’s super easy to make and has that traditional spoon ring look and charm that pairs perfectly with your other bohemian fashion pieces. This is a great way to repurpose old silverware! If your spoons are tarnished, you may want to get your silverware sparking clean before you make the ring.


These dangling earrings are gorgeous and you can do them in any number of colors or color combinations that you want. They’re super easy to make and if you use existing copper earring bases, you can have them finished in just a few minutes. The tassels are made with embroidery floss and there are so many colors available. These would make gorgeous gifts for anyone you know who loves eclectic jewelry! You could even make them a decorative hanging jewelry organizer to go along with it.


Check out these beautiful projects and get a lot more ideas for your DIY project


This vintage leaf pendant necklace from Gypsymoondesigns is simple and elegant, but bold with it’s bright turquoise paint and gold chain.


12 + 15 Photos by  Jillian McGrath Photography Floral Design by Sullivan Owen Floral Design // 13 Photography by Judy Pak Floral Design by Harlem Flowers via Style Me Pretty // 14 via Green Wedding Shoes


I love how simple these DIY double tiered earrings are to make. Even if you don’t normally make your own jewelry, you can have these finished in about half an hour or less. It’s also really simple to customize these by just changing the colors or the types of beads that you use. You could do several pair in a couple of hours and have a nice set of boho styled earrings for every outfit that you own.

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Step 4. Use a hammer and a bench block or anvil to flatten your wire. You will want to go in and hammer the top side first by opening the rectangle before hammering the loop and the cut end (do not hammer both on top of each other or you will have ugly dents to the wire). Close the rectangle again and begin hammering the bottom corners. Hammer the back parts as well. If your wire starts to look deformed, use your fingers to shape it back into a rectangle.


A traditional part of any wedding is gifting your bridesmaids with a little thank you for everything they’ve done to get you to your big day. To keep with the boho theme, these brass feather pendant necklaces from xxxAZUxxx would make a unique gift. The necklace also features beads that come in an abundance of different colors so each gift can be that much more personal.


Here’s a cozy, homey way to create an on-the-wall jewelry holder – especially for your necklace. An accordion rack has built in hooks and can easily be painted. Check this project out at Caught on a Whim.


Oversized sunglasses transcended boho girls and became a huge fashion trend just a few years ago. Although they aren’t as popular in the mainstream anymore, they’re still a bohemian staple. I tend to break, scratch, and lose sunglasses, so I typically just get inexpensive pairs from Charlotte Russe or Forever 21.


If you’re looking for more cool DIY bracelets, you won’t run out of supply here.


Select the color(s) of cording you want to use for the fringe. You need three strands of cording.

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