20 Exceptional Lagos Unveils Second Set Of Apple Watch Jewelry Bracelets

You can learn a lot about an individual by their choice of jewelry. Do they like big beads? Delicate chains? Ribbons? Frills and trims? Or minimalist-minded pendants? The only question left to answer is, ‘What kind of statement would you make?’ We’ve reimagined the charm bracelet as a necklace with new combinations of chains, ribbons, and jump rings, all found at crafts and bead shops. Here, we mixed assorted chains with one another, as well as with sturdy ribbons and braided embroidery floss that withstand wear.

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Now, the earrings are organized by silver and rose gold rather than post type.

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Jewelry making is a viable business idea for hands-on creatives, but crafting skills aren’t required. Maybe you’re the technical type instead, looking to learn a new trade like fine metalworking or precious gemstones. Or, perhaps you’re DIY-stunted but have an incredible business idea based on an untapped audience.

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It looks a lot more fancy than necklaces on white, plastic hangers, doesn’t it?

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Can you believe these earrings are made of paper?? They’re affordable, lightweight, and you won’t have to worry they’ll break easily!

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I’m in love with these popsicle stick bracelets, it’s one of my favorite crafts for kids! You can pick up a bunch of craft sticks at the store for just a few dollars and dress them up any way you like. Instead of using decorative paper and Modge Podge to create your bracelet, try fabric or paint.

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What’s the ultimate focal point of your living room or the lounge area? The answer comes in a jiffy – the sofa or the couch that not just marks the decor of your space but…

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I love the hearts Muhaiminah Faiz from The Craftaholic Witch twisted into her crafting wire ring using pliers, but my mind immediately started thinking of even more cool designs you can make with the bendy material.

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Learn how to make DIY necklaces for any occasion. These handmade necklaces are perfect for parties, everyday, and even work. Read more about it here.

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Tie the twigs and tree branches together with copper wire or strings! Once you get the artful shape, start using it as an antique jewelry display! This rustic twig jewelry organizer has also been built in the same way! Want to copy it now? Complete directions and tutorial is here shannoneileenblog.typepad

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The world of do-it-yourself jewelry has really stepped up its game. Thanks to all the creative craft bloggers out there, you can learn how to make the kind of jewelry you see in boutiques — and start sporting arm parties in no time.

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Are you diggin’ the clay bead necklace trend? So are we! Hop aboard our favorite indie necklace tutorial and learn how to make your own eclectic beauty.

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Instead of using clay, try making a bauble necklace with wooden beads. We especially love the glossy look of these!

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The last two projects were covered in detail in previous tutorials. One is a copper pipe stand that sits on a wooden base. The arms are perfect for holding necklaces and bracelets and the fun thing about this project is that you can shape the stand however you want and make it as big as you need to, depending on how large your collection is.View in gallery

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I’m definitely biased, but I really like how my hidden earring organizer turned out. Instructions at DIY in PDX.

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Good Clean Fun created a genius way to display some of their favorite pieces of jewelry. A trendy, antler piece is such a great way to utilize both style and utility.

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Tina Phan made her very own jewelry box for earrings! Follow her tutorial and make one for yourself and never lose your earrings again!

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Use a branch to create, not only a piece of art for your walls, but a spot for hanging some of your favorite or most-worn necklaces. Mojomade shows us how to get this project completed!

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For larger budgets, work with a designer to translate your vision into a full branding package for your business—from the logo and website to packaging and marketing materials. Peruse the portfolios of Shopify Design Experts to find a designer whose work resonates with your tastes.

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I couldn’t just stop with this version of the bracelet! Figuring out a way to hide the crimp was next on my list!

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