19 Coolest Vintage Jewelry History

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Art deco engagement rings have been completely inspired to bring back a vintage classic. The vintage style is something which is old and fabulous! There’s something so special about vintage-inspired engagement rings. Art Deco rings are highly valued, and high in demand. These fantastic rings are perfect for girls who like something unique and fall in love with the vintage style. Especially for you, we’ve collected the most stunning art deco rings. Read the post and choose the perfect ring for you!

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Because each ring is unique and dated, there are some things to consider when purchasing an antique.

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Art deco reproduction rings can often be found at local jewelers who offer a wide selection of rings. Antique rings can be harder to find, but are also available at some vintage jewelry stores, estate sales or auctions. You can also shop online to find the best selection and prices. Some sites to check out include:

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this dainty style features small diamonds set closely together with tiny prongs to create a paved path of diamonds. This setting style is still popular today.

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On the square-ish side, the Old Mine cut diamond is the older of the two cuts and usually appears in rings dated in the early 1920s. Because cutting diamonds into a square shape salvaged more of the original diamond crystal, diamond cutters produced square diamonds even when they were aiming for a round shape.

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In keeping with the geometric patterns of the day, this setting gave a square look to the diamond it housed. The four prongs are shaped like triangles with the points forming a square frame around the diamond.

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Cartier made this chic Art Deco ring around 1930. The ring has a 2.42 ct square brilliant cut diamond set at an angle; four triangular blue sapphires; and diamond baguettes on the borders. Photo: Robert Weldon/GIA. Courtesy: Frank Goodman & Son, Los Angeles, Calif.

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Small diamonds as accent stones were popular, too, and were often seen in pavé settings, a setting technique that evolved during this period.

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Today’s halo style is borrowed from the original Art Deco halo. The Art Deco halo is very dramatic. The diamond is often surrounded by vivid gemstones or the stark black of onyx or even more diamonds for an eye-catching display of glamor.

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A ring so stunning you’ll be looking for excuses to wear it. (Thankfully, if it’s an engagement ring, you won’t need any excuses to wear it.)

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Much emphasis for art deco jewelry was placed on design rather than monetary value or carat weight. The detail symbolized the sophistication and hope of the modern age, a perfect complement to a couple’s hope for their future.

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Diamonds were usually worn in the evening in the 1920s and the low lights of the speakeasies masked the yellow body color of diamonds. As a result, warmer diamonds were acceptable accessories for the stylish flapper girl.

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Bold color contrasts were a signature style of the Art Deco era. Jewelry designers achieved dramatic results using diamonds with rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. They also relied on coral, jade, lapis lazuli, and turquoise to make colorful color contrasts.

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This special symbolic leaf ring was made from 14K rose gold and white diamonds carefully set in a leaf bending over the cabochon tourmaline.  Perfect pick for a delicate person who wishes to wear a customized engagement ring.

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Ring settings from the Art Deco Period feature geometric patterns, flashy diamonds, and bright gemstones. There was a minimal use of metal for a sleek, unfettered look.

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From a design perspective, the style is characterised by geometric shapes and patterns, bright colours, rare and expensive materials, and top notch craftsmanship. When it comes to jewellery and engagement rings, Art Deco pieces are among the most unique you can get thanks to all of the above qualities. Engagement ring designs were big and bold, funky, chunky, and a far cry from the traditional diamond solitaire, although there were plenty of delicate and beautiful designs around too.

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Channel setting and bead setting were used to make handmade jewelry. Engraving and mille grains were used extensively to create simple yet stunning jewelry. The jewelry was well finished and polished not only from front, but also from back part. Couples engraving personal symbols on art deco engagement rings was a known trend, and which still continues today.

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Bold color contrasts were a signature style of the Art Deco era. Jewelry designers achieved dramatic results using diamonds with rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. They also relied on coral, jade, lapis lazuli, and turquoise to make colorful color contrasts.

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Also, reputable antique dealers know that each vintage piece is unique and that pictures don’t always capture the piece accurately. Therefore, dealers usually have a return policy in place if you are not satisfied with your item. If this is the case, I recommend calling the dealer immediately after receiving the item to alert them that you are not happy. They usually have a specified number of days when you must return the item for a refund.

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