18 Trends Engagement Ring Style: Art Deco And Vintage Styles

The art deco period, which occurred from 1925 to 1939, consisted of various gorgeous designs in home decoration, architecture, cars, furniture, and jewelry. There are actually various reasons as to why art deco rings are unique and why you should choose one to give to your future wife. Read on. Now, even though it is definitely possible to find reproduction art deco rings out there, it would still be highly advisable to get a real one instead since its quality and craftsmanship are sure to encompass those of reproduced rings. The good news is that if you just spend some time looking around, you are sure to find great bargains in terms of art deco engagement rings, so you won’t have to spend too much money on one.

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Platinum is a much denser metal (about 60% heavier than gold) and more of it is needed to fabricate a ring. Also, platinum is rarer than gold and it burns at a much higher temperature making it more difficult to work with. Therefore, a ring made of platinum will be much more expensive than the same ring manufactured in white gold. When the market crashed in 1929, jewelers were able to produce more affordable jewelry by switching to white gold from platinum.

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Now that you know why to avoid the big jewelry store franchises, you may be tempted to scour antique shops looking for a true, vintage piece. But the reality is, you could search for years and never find the perfect ring.

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The use of geometric shapes in Art Deco designs is one of the defining characteristics of this period. Jewelry designers used shapes like triangles, squares, rectangles and circles in their creations. These stylistic choices were meant to capture the streamlined, modern spirit of the time.

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However, Art Deco is the age of innovation and diamond cutters started perfecting their trade with technology. This produced a more round diamond than the Old Mine and the resulting diamond cut was called the Old European cut. The Old European cut is a closer relative to today’s round brilliant cut.

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When looking at any piece of jewelry, an Art Deco piece will stand out with its bright colors, bold geometric patterns, evocative shapes, and strong contrasts. Colorful gemstones can give Art Deco jewelry a distinctive vibrancy, while intricately styled cuts and designs will dazzle the eye. So if you’re looking to emulate the look of Old Hollywood, or experience the Prohibition Era indulgences of the roaring 20s, look no further than Art Deco!

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If you’re looking for a vintage engagement ring with a large diamond, look no further than Eragem. The Washington-based jeweler stocks rings of every carat size imaginable, both (very) big and small.

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Diamond on platinum… geometric shapes… bold colors… black and white – these were some of the most important elements of Art Deco engagement rings! If the style appeals to you, you can either find an antique for the love of your life or custom design a ring of your very own. If you opt for the latter, our Guide to Custom Made Engagement Rings will show you how!

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Technology was emerging, and Art Deco was part of the new “modern” look. It was an age of the machinery, the Jazz and the exploration.Initially, Art Deco style influenced designs of buildings and structures, and later on it’s effect was found on everything around – be it automobiles to clothing to jewelry.But, the financial crash of 1929 accompanied by worldwide depression and Second World War led to untimely end of this popular jewelry style. As, due to these events, little was left with people to spend on luxury items of jewelry. However since the 1980’s, art deco jewelry has revived and has found new liking among people.

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Olivia Wilde — Jason Sudeikis’s gift to Olivia belongs right in the middle of the Art Deco period. This stunning ring features a round-cut diamond surrounded by a halo of emeralds to complement her green eyes.

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This simplistic setting surrounds the gemstone with a thin wall of metal, holding it secure and providing a measure of protection for the fragile edges of the diamond. This example includes beaded ‘milgrain’ detailing around the edge of the bezel.

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Genuine Art Deco engagement rings do not come cheap, so before you splash out all that hard earned money, check the returns policy of the vendor you choose to buy from whether on the Internet or other source. Choosing a reputable jewelers or antique jewelry specialist is really the best idea as they will also be able to advise you on your purchase. If your budget will not stretch to the real thing then there are retailers that offer new rings created to look like one from the period you are looking for whether that is Victorian, Edwardian or Art Deco. These are usually less expensive than the genuine piece.

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Shopping for engagement rings usually requires a lot of time and research and this goes especially if you are looking for art deco engagement rings. This kind of style has become popular to a lot of couples because of its vintage look and the simplicity of the design really captivates anyone who sets eyes on the ring. What’s great about the art deco engagement rings is that the designs are made with a lot of geometrical figures, which means that it is perfect for those who are in to the simpler designs.

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However, the fashion in engagement rings may well change following the engagement of Prince William in the UK. He has given his fiancée his mother’s (Princess Diana’s) beautiful sapphire and diamond ring. I’m not sure whether this would have been Kate’s first choice but I’m sure she will treasure this ring. It is well documented that William adored his mother and still mourns her passing, so for him to present his lady love with her ring suggests he must love and respect Kate very much.

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An art deco ring with heart symbolism may take many forms. Authentic vintage engagement rings may use some of these techniques to add romance to the ring, while contemporary engagement rings frequently feature bolder, more obvious heart motifs.

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With elaborate designs, contrasting colors, and sharp angles, art deco engagement rings are unique choices for adventurous couples. As modern rings designed for a hopeful future, these pieces are suitably symbolic for couples hopeful about their future together. Whether you choose a reproduction or an authentic ring, it will make a bold statement about your style and optimism for a long, happy marriage.

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Diamonds were usually worn in the evening in the 1920s and the low lights of the speakeasies masked the yellow body color of diamonds. As a result, warmer diamonds were acceptable accessories for the stylish flapper girl.

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Rings are usually stamped with ‘PT850’ or ‘900plat’ signifying how many parts of 1000 is platinum versus the alloy 850 signifies that a ring is 85% pure platinum, while 900 is 90%. Platinum is usually alloyed with another member of the platinum family, usually iridium or palladium.

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New diamond cuts – baguettes, emeralds, triangles – were produced and used in art deco jewelry. These cuts blended well with geometrical designs of art deco jewelry.

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