16 Stunning More Than Splendid Spring Nail Designs To Celebrate The Year’s Best Season

Bracelets are adorable and will accent bottles plus add organization and decoration with this DIY! via Thrift Town Can anything be more near-to-the-heart as the memories spent with your friends and family? The answer is obvious! And that’s why picture frames are never going out of the picture when it comes to celebrating.

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Once you’ve had the chance to look through all of your hidden treasures, separate the pile with a discerning eye. You can categorize your jewelry however you’d like, but we’d recommend putting the jewelry you wear a lot together — this group can be your DIY jewelry organizer test-jewels.

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Here’s a cozy, homey way to create an on-the-wall jewelry holder – especially for your necklace. An accordion rack has built in hooks and can easily be painted.

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Since this week of the challenge is devoted to our bedrooms, I couldn’t help but think of this poor organizer and how nothing ever gets taken out of it. Really– when we relocated to Ann Arbor, I had the moving company tape it closed, contents and all.

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This is the perfect use for any old pair of jeans you can’t wear anymore. Instructables user upmade folded the strips of denim into the geometric design, adding thread for a nice accent. You can totally twist or braid them into any shape you’d like.

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Make a DIY diffuser necklace out of natural terra cotta clay! The clay is affordable, easy to shape, and it retains grooves that trap essential oils. For those of you wondering why I’m choosing to declutter my jewelry rather than keep it— my taste has evolved over the years or I have some sentimental memory behind some of the pieces.

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Jewelry making can be addictive! Some projects may require a little practice, but you can also use this time to experiment. Have a get together with friends and make jewelry. Share your creative ideas and techniques.

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Lately I’ve been seeing an influx of decoupage jewelry ideas, and I thought about it – I too love making Mod Podge jewelry! In fact, I’ve made quite a bit. This jewelry storage box tutorial work fine with a bracelet or watch. you can easily do it yourself with friendly-budget.

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Take your jewelry and handmade gifts to the next level by learning how to make your own necklace chain! Thinking of dressing up the walls of the house with the soothing colors of spring that are all about joy and brightness? Flowers, vibrant leaves and the magic of blooms can al be worked up.

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You may want to create an entirely new category for your really nice jewelry, like the vintage Chanel earrings your grandmother gave you or the oh-so-beautiful diamond bracelet your husband splurged on last year. The best place to store valuable jewelry is in a dark, cool space that’s not exposed to air or moisture.

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Humidity and extremely cold (like a drafty closet) or hot (like a stuffy attic) temperatures can damage even the finest of jewels. Another fun way to organize your jewels is to hang them from a rake. A rake? Yes, a rake! Check out how awesome this old rake head looks as a jewelry organizer.

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My rings that are bigger and colorful I placed together,” she explains. Then there were some pieces kept on their own out of necessity. “I have a lot of gold dainty rings, so I mostly separate those into different compartments, but I try to spread them out so I can see what is in each one.

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Love bees? This tiny and delicate pendant will be perfect for your or your bee-lover friend. Tutorial here. If you need to store a bunch of bracelets, this bracelet holder has got you covered. Instructions at I Heart Organizing.

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 Some dainty necklaces are also on their own so they don’t get tangled.” And the drawer isn’t a static creation—even with everything separated out, Paola still has room to grow her jewelry collection. This branch jewelry holder is meant to have a sculptural and artistic look.

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Depending on the decorating style you are looking for, this rustic driftwood could steal the show.  via Can Can Dancer Rummage around to grab a few of wooden planks!

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What says summer more than beautiful flowers? This resin jewelry is made from pressed flowers and it’s perfect for many reasons. The flowers and colors make it great for summer, plus there are so many options as to what you can do with your resin once it’s finished.

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Rather than making the jewelry with your own hands, you can have your designs manufactured by someone else. This isn’t ideal for fine, custom, or OOAK jewelry, but it can be cost-effective for fashion jewelry produced in larger quantities.


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