16 New Handmade Sea Glass Jewelry ? For Ocean Lovers

The stretch of northeast England coast near me is known as a good place to find collectible sea glass. A bottle factory that was open between the 1850s and 1920s dumped lots of waste glass into the sea, and pieces still wash ashore today. Other rare colors include pink, lavender and lime green — shades that may have been used for perfume bottles or art glass. Multi-colored sea glass and decorative glass, or items like marbles and glass beads, are also highly sought after.

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I had the opportunity to sit down with two beach glass experts, Tom and Vicky Carter at the Great Lakes Beach Glass & Coastal Arts Festival in Erie, Pennsylvania. They shared what you need to know when it comes to finding beach glass.

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Once again he held the beach glass, but this time Elise had added a row of fresh-water pearls held by a delicate silver wire that attached the pendant to a slim cord. He ran his thumb across the pearls. “It’s even prettier like this.”

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Once a small hole is started, you can add more pressure onto the glass and submerge the piece under the water.

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The most common colors are white, brown, green, seafoam green and amber. Rare colors include pink, aqua, cobalt blue, cornflower blue, yellow, orange, black, purple and the rarest of all, red.

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If anyone knows of a current link for Shirley Graves, please let me know so I can add it here! Thanks. ~ Rena.

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Sometimes I fit “treasure hunts” into a family day at the beach, or just pop down for a couple of hours by myself if I have spare time. I could find some gorgeous patterned glass, or come home with a bundle of less valuable whites, greens and browns.

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She turned, and he put the necklace around her neck and did the clasp. He lifted her hair and let the jewelry settle against her neck.

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Have you people seen the new trend of beach glass jewelry? You will be amazed by the art and the beauty of these unique art pieces. Beach glass jewelry and much in demand that are mend into beautiful jewelry that has high sales at the market as it attracts most of the ladies out there.

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After a storm or high winds in North shore beach, Presque isle, michigan I found these in two days. I found 17 pieces that range from seafoam to mint,

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Now, separate all six strands again. Make new pairs, this time one strand from each of the knotted pairs. Tie new knots, 1/2 inches away from the other knots. This will mean the far left strand and the far right strand will end up being a knotted pair.

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This beautiful and easy macrame sea glass necklace is motivating me to get to the beach this summer and do some sea glass hunting! This would also be a great craft for kids to do at a beach-themed party (after serving up some beach-themed cupcakes).

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If you like this idea for sea glass jewelry and love beach crafts, here are some instructions of making cute sea shell animals with beach shells and air-dry clay.

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Beach glass is formed as a result of discarded glass jars and bottles that have been thrown away in the water or left on shore and swept out to sea or in the Great Lakes where it is tossed and tumbled by stones and the pounding waves.

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Finding and selling sea glass has gotten more popular over the last few years, mostly because of how easy it is to sell online on social media or craft sites like Etsy.

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My grandchildren helped collect about 20 lbs of sea glass of a small gravel beach. Thanks to Tenley, Brooklyn, Jaxon and especially Grayson because he

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The sponge also keeps the piece of beach glass in place and adds a bit of cushioning for the drill bit once it goes through the piece, which helps prevent the bit from hitting the bottom of the Pyrex dish. How to Drill the Beach Glass

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