15 Perfect Dıy Jewelry Organizer: Brilliant Storage Ideas

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Making your own jewelry is a lot of fun – we should warn you that it can be addictive however, so whichever tutorial you decide to follow this time, you can be pretty sure that you will come back for more. With ideas like this it is easy to build up a stylish collection of beautiful statement jewelry pieces that are completely unique.

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An old gold or silver chain bracelet can be turned into a beautiful summer accessory with a little braiding. Taking colorful suede lace, you just braid it into the chain bracelet and create a lovely summer bracelet that is filled with color.

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Despite its intricate design, this is actually an easy bracelet to make and there are so many options regarding color and style. You could also use thin strips of fabric or any number of other materials to create this. (This post contains affiliate links. Please see my Disclaimer for more information)

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Have bare wall space in your bedroom that you’re looking to fill? Make art out of your jewels in this rustic-looking, framed organizer. Ready to get the bonus project.

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Grab all kinds of natural earthy charms like little rocks, driftwood pieces, fallen branch pieces or those lovely seashells collected by the kiddos on your trip to the beach! Because now, you can turn them into antique-looking pendants – simply wrapping them in a gold gauge wire and attaching it with a leather cord.

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We’ve made it half-way through the ten week organizing challenge! This pretty blue and gold jewelry organizer from The Homes I Have Made is a striking way to display jewelry.

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First of all, you can use simple bowls to show highlights of your jewelry collection. Among other creative solutions are DIY jewelry trees, different standing frames and racks and of course, DIY modified picture frames. Most of these DIY solutions are very budget-friendly cuz they won’t cost you a dime.

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Finally, to finish off our collection of DIY Jewelry organizers, Gears Co. handmade this hand made (ha-ha-ha say that three times fast!) from plaster and a rubber glove as a unique way to organize and show off her favorite jewelry.

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A woodblock strategically placed on the wall with enough hooks to take all your necklaces is another creative option. It looks simple but also elegant, and most convenient because the hooks keep the necklaces far apart as well.

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Fashion and jewelry are heavily saturated industries—how will customers hear your voice above the noise? Where to spend your marketing dollars will depend on your product, audience, and budget, and may require some trial and error.

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If you have a lot of jewelry and want to get it off your nightstand or dresser, investing in some hanging or freestanding storage may be a good idea. I’ve pulled together some of my favorite ways to organize jewelry and they can all be purchased from Amazon.

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Who ever thought a picture frame could have so many uses? From a makeshift earring display box to a wall-hanging necklace holder, a single picture frame can go a long way. Hang your necklaces where everyone can see them with this cute and simple DIY jewelry organizer.


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