14 Stunning Creative Jewelry Storage Display Ideas

Dupioni silk in sherbet shades has a lovely luster. When you tear the fabric into strips, it frays, giving this braided necklace a soft, fringed look. The directions are in Spanish so you might want to run it through Google translate.

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As you can see here in the picture that this is a bracelet made using beads mainly. So this DIY tutorial is all about beaded DIY wrap bracelet. This would be so elegant and you can just carry it with any dress color, hope you like its versatility. Full tutorial and step by step photos to help you make a DIY Clay Bead Necklace in less than one hour!

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Create-Celebrate-Explore used an antique wood type set tray to make an awesomely-rustic jewelry organizer with a little crackle pain and some elbow grease!

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I have made this list with the tutorial that will help you out to follow the steps and make the perfect and amazing DIY jewelry. So, let’s check this easy to follow step by step instructions below.

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I kinda sorta have categories for the earrings on top, but really, the world goes in, but nothing ever leaves. Hoops in one square, danglers in another, posts in the top right, and all the other stuff.

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I set out to find the best of the best ideas for DIY Jewelry Organizers that are easy to make, but also stylish enough to display on a wall or shelf. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, any of these DIY Jewelry Organizers would also make a great gift for your mom!

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A driftwood hanger is another lovely and very easy craft. The most important thing is finding a piece of driftwood or a fallen tree branch that has a shape and size that you find suitable for the project.

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Crochet bracelets such as this one are known to be extremely versatile, as you can easily match them with a simple school attire and with a business or office dress as well, or even with a semi-casual suit.

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These gorgeous DIY lace earrings were made with some scraps that Justine had in her stash – they’re so easy and make great gifts! Another great IKEA hack for a super attractive jewelry dish!

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Turn an ordinary picture frame into a great looking jewelry organizer! The process is pretty simple, remove the back parts of picture frame that help it to stand alone and just paint the cardboard and refit again!

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Take any old piece of jewelry (one that’s tarnished, perhaps?) and spraypaint a crazy color. Just as the name suggests, this turquoise beaded ring bracelet is more than just the classic, conventional bracelet – it extends to your middle finger and this is what makes it a bit classier than the rest.

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If you are still keeping all your necklaces in a box and getting them tangled up, you need to take time and learn some creative holders. Holders will help you reduce the time you need to sample them as you select one and disentangle them.

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Pallets fix everything! Use one to make this jewelry organizer. via Fashionably Baked That’s exactly why I’m glad a friend told me about a few of these super easy DIY jewelry projects!

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You may also like this gorgeous round-up of homemade gifts that kids can make. Check out these beautiful projects and get a lot more ideas for your DIY project

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Jewelry is best displayed in a way that will complement your existing home decor. For instance, don’t incorporate feminine frames for earrings if the rest of your decor is very modern.


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