13 Most Beautiful Bridesmaid Jewelry Sets

Your wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most memorable and important days of your life. So being asked to stand beside the bride as a bridesmaid is a true honor in itself.


The decision to choose necklaces, earrings, or a matched set depends on the bride’s tastes. There really is no appropriate item to choose, it is just a matter of what will match the theme and style of her wedding. In some cases, the bride may choose the same jewelry as hers in a different color for their bridesmaids. For example, white pearls for her jewelry and blue pearls for the bridesmaid jewelry to match their blue dresses. The bridesmaid jewelry does not necessarily have to match the bride’s jewelry; it is simply a matter of what the bride’s tastes are.


Some brides prefer to choose their bridesmaid accessories, while others allow for free reign. Either way, it’s important to get a good understanding of bridesmaid jewelry ideas and dresses that work perfectly together.


When it comes to gifting bracelets, rings, necklaces, or earrings, there are items on the market for any situation. We know that it’s common to give personalized bridesmaid gifts, so we’ve rounded up some custom jewelry options. We also know the power of small everyday accessories, so we’ve added some wardrobe staples to the mix. The rest of this list is full of cute, fun, and unique pieces for any personality and relationship, so that you can choose a good present for any kind of bridesmaid, including your maid of honor. To make things even easier, we’ve thought of every budget, so that you can find something in your ideal price range.

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Are you letting your bridesmaids choose the color of their gown? Good for you! If you’ll have multi-colored dresses heading down the aisle in front of you on your wedding day, you’re going to want to gift your gals these gorgeous bridesmaid earrings. They’re adorned with a channel of multi-colored stones in rich colors like amethyst and topaz, so they’ll match a variety of gown colors. And the stones are situated to look amazing from every angle—these bridesmaid earrings are a photographer’s friend for sure! The gemstones are set against a tarnish-resistant sterling silver setting, and a hinged back ensures a secure fit on the big day.


Here are some of the most common bridesmaid dress styles and the perfect jewelry to accessorize with:


The halterneck dress is not as popular as the above-mentioned styles but is a great way to accentuate the shoulders and back. Due to the fact that there’s already plenty of detail around the neck, there’s no need to accessorize with a necklace.


If you’re planning on purchasing jewelry for each of your bridesmaids, it can get costly. Especially if you have a larger bridal party, you’ll need to keep costs down. Ever Faith is a leading online retailer when it comes to bridal and bridesmaid jewelry, with options that look attractive and expensive, but are extremely reasonably priced. This gorgeous and delicate necklace and earring set features leaf-shaped crystals separated sporadically with gorgeous white pearls. The width of the set is small, keeping the look understated and minimal but offering some sparkle at the same time.

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David’s Bridal crystal solitaire and pearl tassel earrings, $25, David’s Bridal


If your hair is being worn down then it’s always better to opt for more demure stud or pearl earrings. Also, if you are wearing a hair statement piece such as a floral crown or sparkly barrette, try to keep your earrings simple.


Here are different ways of giving your bridal attendants the best bridal  jewelry sets:


Necklace: A tin cup necklace is one of the all-time favorite bridesmaid gifts. For those who are not familiar with jewelry designs, a tin cup necklace is one which features floating pearls which are evenly spaced along a fine chain. Not only is a tin cup necklace an ideal accessory to wear with a bridal gown or bridesmaid dress, it will find many uses in your daily wardrobe.


These stunning selections also work for brides and wedding guests, too.


The jewelry chosen for each bridesmaid can be different. Since every bridesmaid has a different personality, each set of jewelry can be purchased to match their personal style. Many brides choose bridesmaid jewelry with similar themes or colors, but with varying appearances for each girl.

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