12 Perfect Gorgeous Outdoor Wedding Ideas Making Your Big Day Even More Special

Want to see more DIY jewelry projects made with Mod Podge? Click on the image below to see 16 easy necklace projects: These adorable little pendants make for the perfect DIY jewelry projects if you’re looking for resin products without the resin chemicals. There is a handy tutorial that provides good information if you’re unused to the whole DIY resin jewelry process. The pendants can be a lovely gift to friends and loved ones.

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These little flip flop earrings will only take you about five minutes to make. They also only cost a couple of dollars and they’re the perfect summer fashion accessory.

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Loose beads are kind of pointless to have laying around. If you’ve got a few minutes, you can give them a new lease on life as pretty, unique hair pins.

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For those who have a ton of costume jewelry, sometimes a standalone jewelry armoire just isn’t enough space. Not only that, larger costume necklaces can get lost in drawers, never to be seen or worn again.

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Want to learn a new skill? Find out how you can start wire wrapping for stunning DIY wire jewelries. Learn this knot to make a simple bracelet out of cord.

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Everyone loves making necklaces with Mod Podge and Scrabble tiles – and it’s so easy! This is a great decoupage jewelry craft for adults and children alike. How about a literal jewelry tree?

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Just like the plan wood, you can turn a simple surface into a beautiful piece of convenient structure. As long as there are hooks, you can keep the necklaces in place without tangling and improve the décor of your room at the same time.

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Hanging Teacup Display: Coffee drinkers, finally get some good use out of your dainty teacup set! Glue the tea cup to each dessert plate at an angle to have a toppling tea party the Mad Hatter would definitely approve of.

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An enchanting agate bead in a night sky-like blue tone is the sureshot star part of this DIY ring that not only makes this piece of jewelry a complete statement but also gives it its name.

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I was shocked, surprised, and so pleased that my daughter received an acorn necklace made by someone else–thank you, Lucas!! Is pineapple the official fruit of summer?

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This is so unique! You could have a lot of fun painting this organizer with your favorite colors! Check how Rebecca’s DIY made this DIY stick jewelry organizer! One thing I love about DIY projects is that they can be a continual work in progress.

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You can get a basic set online or at the craft store. Typically the cheaper the findings, the more flimsy or lower quality – this has been my experience. I generally stick with sterling silver but it really depends on what I’m making.

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Sort out an old picture frame from home trash store and just cover it up with a decorative metal sheet! Install some knobs and hooks over to gain a stylish jewelry organizer without spending even a single penny! This would also make a pleasing gift for a style loving women.


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