11 Stunning Dıy Jewelry Craft Tutorials – Homemade Jewelry Ideas

I’m going to introduce you to a really cool Mod Podge formula that you’re going to love using in your decoupage jewelry projects. It’s called , and it acts like a resin, but it’s non-toxic.

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Isn’t spring the most beautiful time of the year with all that floral glory and the magic of nature surrounding us, while the pleasant weathers make everyday no less than a reason to celebrate yourself.

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These beaded DIY earrings are so cute and easy to make. You can find the full tutorial here: DIY Beaded Earrings. What could possibly be more summer inspired than this starfish cuff bracelet? It’s so pretty that you’ll want to wear it all year long and it doesn’t take long at all to make.

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Think.Make.Share contributor Laura teaches us to make an easy painted wood bead necklace to give or keep to yourself. You mold the starfish out of putty and then form it around a cuff. It’s a gorgeous bracelet that is certainly going to grab attention at the beach or anywhere you want to wear it.

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Let’s take a look at how to make a homemade necklace, it’s inexpensive compared to buying jewelry and enables you to exercise your imagination to create something truly original.

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simple yet very orginal jewelry display made of a picture frame and wine corks For example, have several of the spice racks and do not seem to use one often, it is time to consider turning it into a necklace holder. This transformation would be easy and direct, as all you need are some screws in a hook.

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Use metallic paint on the sharp antler edges to make them look stunning and then simply get to organize all form bangles to rings! This would be an ever beautiful rustic jewelry display and a centerpiece in your dressing room.

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Use book pages to decorate pendants, then seal them with Mod Podge and let dry. Dimensional Magic to seal them. Geometric nails is a trend that’s totally topping the charts right now.

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Jewelry Organizer Stand and Mirror – available from Amazon. I love this product because it doubles as a free standing mirror and has SO much storage inside not only for your jewelry but for cosmetics, too.

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Getting dressed up in style calls for a gorgeous piece of accessory. A jewelry item that’s designed at home is going to blend with your personality like nothing else can.

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The best part is that you can build gorgeous necklaces, adorable earrings and edgy bracelets all by yourself, that too in just a matter of few steps. Here are 23 DIY jewelry ideas putting together splendorous pieces of wearable beauty. We love statement necklaces! This braided rope necklace is a fun variety. We chose a bright color and a classic neutral.

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Searching for jewelry to match your new outfit can be expensive, exhausting, and very time-consuming. A creative solution is to learn how to make homemade jewelry. Don’t worry if you have not tried jewelry making before, though.


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