11 Exquisite Sea Glass Jewelry

The pieces I found on my local beach last year were “seafoam green,” a less common color than the usual bottle green, often from vintage Coca-Cola bottles. Shape is also important. Similarly sized pieces for earrings, triangular and heart shapes are popular. The more rounded off and frosted a piece is, the more suitable it’s likely to be for jewelry.

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With the Dremel on at the lowest speed, carefully place the drill bit on the beach glass. Initially keeping the glass above the water will help the drill bit begin the hole.

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It is not necessary to skimp on decorations this season. Therefore, such a rare detail as a diadem becomes very actual. Tiaras can be used to emphasize natural styling, and dynamic curls.

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Genuine beach glass is disappearing because glass is being used less and less and the gorgeous colors from 50 to 100 years ago no longer exist. Nor do we travel by ship much anymore. So treasure your piece of history, because someday soon there will be no more beach glass to collect anymore.

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This website has a ton of information on sea glass including how to grade your finds, crafts you can make with sea glass, beach reports, details on how to find a good beach and so much more.

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My adventures in designing beach glass jewelry began last summer and since then I’ve found my own secrets to drilling holes in beach glass.

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“I turned the memory into jewelry.” She took off the necklace so he could see it better.

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For a project where she attached seashells that she found on Myrtle Beach to a crocheted cord, Kim St. Jean offered us the following tips on drilling shells.

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Reproductive sea glasses are typically created in a rock tumbler, and these pieces of glass appear to be silky and smooth. From afar, they can easily resemble beach glass too. However, all these pieces will be devoid of the deepest potholes, fissures and the other “C” markings. These found beautiful glass and reproduction glass allows representing an artist with more flexibility in design. The most common colors of beach glass are white, brown and Kelly green. Due to rarity among all the other colors, an artist of color palette limit when using the found beach glass. Unlike the other entire beach found glass, reproduction sea glass may also give an artist the freedom to opt and choose the colors that are wanted in their designs.

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My best sale so far has been a heart-shaped red stone, which sold in a Facebook auction for $47.

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However, much like a bench pin, the surface that you drill on can become more useful the more gouged up it becomes. Small divots on your wood or plastic can create nice hollows for oddly-shaped pieces of stone to rest. Feel free to hack at a piece of wood or a hockey puck to actually create some resting places for your glass or stones.

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Remember the old adage that you need to use a diamond to cut glass? Guess what? You must use diamond drill bits to drill through glass. Don’t be afraid of that, it’s not as exotic or expensive as it sounds! A diamond drill bit is a standard bit that goes into any drill, Dremel or flex shaft, and it’s made from tool steel coated in a fine grit of industrial diamond. Some are hollow so that debris may flow up into the bit; some are just a standard twisting drill bit. You can also purchase diamond burrs, which are useful for widening a hole or smoothing or polishing edges. 

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You can buy diamond bits and burrs anywhere that you buy other jewelry supplies. You can also find them at some hardware stones. They run the gamut in price and quality: Harbor Freight carries a very inexpensive set that comes with some interesting shapes and sizes, and Rio Grande carries extremely expensive bits that you only would use if you were drilling fine gemstones. Shop around and you’ll find lots of options.

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